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Unlocking Phone Frustration


The hoops I'm having to jump through just to unlock an old, fully paid for T Mobile phone are ridiculous. 


A month ago, I made a request to unlock my wife's old MyTouch 4G so we could give it to a family friend to use on Simple Talk. At the time, it had been recently used by my wife, and I put in the request and everything seemed fine. About a week later, I got a denial email based on the fact that my account was 2 days past due. (When I made the request, the account was fully up to date.) So I paid my bill, and called to put in a new request. I'm frustrated already, but I can understand.


Now they tell me it can't be done because the phone hasn't been used on the network in the last 7 days. So I have to get the phone back, which won't be easy, have my wife's or my line switched back to it temporarily, switch it back off, then make another request.


This is absolutely, positively ridiculous. This is a fully paid for, semi crappy old phone. It should NOT be this hard to unlock it. It has me seriously considering paying off my 2 new phones and jumping ship. This is just another bit of additional frustration recently as I couldn't get on the jump program either - a program that wasn't even available when I bought the 2 Nexus 4s.


Why is every conversation such a  hassle?