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    Wifi calling


      Wifi calling sounds very bad, bought 2 brand new white LG G2 phones and wifi calling sounded so bad I had to return them customer service tier 3 had no clue they said its not the network my be on LG's side. Warning to people wanting to buy LG G2 wifi calling issue

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          Sounded bad as in...delay in conversation, popping noises, or what?

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            As in sounds like you are in a tin box that is 20 meters long and you and the person on the other end of the box are having a conversation.  Tinny.  Reverb.  HORRIBLE.

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              I had a hour lonh conversation on mine yesterday. Quality wasn't as good as when used with the blackberry z10, but zero reverb. Sometimes that could be related to a back end server issue but you may want to check the reliability of your local WiFi and internet connection. IG there is high latency or dropped packets between the handset - WiFi - internet path , then it can cause echo noises or delay during the conversation. Also, I had major echo problems occasionally on my blackberry, and once rebooted then it would be perfect for a week or two then start echoing again.