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I went to tmobile store today and the representative from store told me it will take 10-18 weeks for the Gold iPhone 5S to be available and i was like r u kidding me i'm not gonna wait that long for my iPhone 5S Gold 16 GB i told them if i don't get my iPhone by end of this months i'm leaving tmobile i will cancel all of my tmobile line i have enough of this i'm sick and tired of being phone less this is ridiculous they told me they can loan me a basic phone but i don't need basic phone i need a smart phone. so is it true that i have to wait that long for my iPhone 5S Gold 16 GB ? so do any of you guys have any update about Gold iPhone 5S 16GB ? i order it on 9/25/13.i'm done with tmobile if i don't get my phone by this months.

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    i herd that they are getting more next week, i order on the 30th through the phone and still on backorder, and ive been phone less too!!

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    Hi there asdf21,


    Waiting for the iPhone is so hard. I definitely understand how you feel. At this time, we don't have information about when the gold iPhones will ship, but do know that we're shipping them as fast as we get them in stock. You'll be notified when yours has shipped.

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    i order on the 24th around 5pm eastern time by calling 611, made full payment and yesterday they withdraw 701$ from my bank and today they updated my status to shipped from backorder , i heard there a new shipment of 5s gold 16gb on the 19 and 21st of oct when i called in couple days ago

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    I order it on 25th and finally i got tracking information and they shipped it yesterday it should be here tomorrow

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    Can you tell me if you have gotten your phone and, if so, how long it took?  I just ordered mine yesterday and I'm trying to get an idea...


    I'm already getting so excited and impatient, I can't wait to get my iphone 5s in gold!