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How to unlock iphone 5s

Im buying an iphone 5s from an Apple Store directly. Apple's website says that by buying a T-mobile contract free iphone 5s 32 gb (749 US$) you can use your phone internationally with a local carrier SIM card. In chat with Apple people I asked how does it work and the answer was that after buying the iphone i have to activate it with T-mobile with at least a one month contract and that would be all for using it in my country. I'm travelling to Miami in early November to pick up my iphone from an Apple Store and according to what the Apple people explained i should approach to a T-mobile store to contract the one month contract. But reading some reviews here in the T-mobile page, I found out that there are some requirements that i need to fulfill before unlocking my iphone, like having the service  activated with T-mobile at least for 40 days, is it true? I'll stay in Miami just for a week, then can i unlock my iphone online with you guys or do I have to be in US?