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MyTMobile Beta Test - Comments/Suggestions


Firstly, I would like to second this question from miket from July 30th, 2013

My question is, since th[at] was/is a "Beta" - where would we go to leave comments and point out glitches?


The responder only said they would "get this added", and from what I see, no comment/suggestion link or page has been added. (this was my first time on the Beta MyTMo and if I missed it, please let me know.


Also, I did not see -any- link to a page where I would see my MobileLife Contacts, or -any- contacts interface what-so-ever. (which was the reason I dropped by MyTMo in the first place)




Jeramy/Brother Rabbit =:xB

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    Hey brotherrabbit,


    As of right now, we don't have a dedicated site setup for feedback on the beta MyT-Mobile. We are passing along feedback internally to our web design team and always welcome suggestions and other comments! The MobileLife contact section has not been loaded into the beta site at this time, this would be the only contact synchronization that is built directly into our site. If you need to manage these contacts, we have more information on the device procedures here: About Contacts.