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Waived migration fee?


I talked to a representative today on the online chat and she said that she can waived the migration fee if I upgrade 2 of my lines. She told me that when the bill comes, I should call customer support so they can process the adjustments. She gave me her employee ID number and said she had noted on the account that she has waived the fees. I'm still skeptical about upgrading because I've see posts from other customers saying that a representative had promised to waive their fees, but it never happened. Has anyone ever been promised to have their migration fees waived and did it pull through.


-Aloha, Cherry.

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    If it was waived she would have processed it when you did the upgrades

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    Hello cherry_m67,


    We definitely want to make sure that you'll get what you were offered. In my experience with our customer care team, if we've noted the offer on your account you'll have no issue with receiving that offer. It's true that occasionally an offer is misunderstood or not noted on the account, but in your case, it sounds like everything happened as it should have. And with the information about the representative and the notes on the account, we can help make sure we get things taken care of if the offer is not applied correctly.