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    Wifi Calling - Dropping Calls

      HI All - I upgraded from the S2 to the S4 in May.  I use Wifi Calling as my preferred calling method at home because I have poor cellular signal. Since my upgrade to the S4, I have dropped calls all the time.  I constantly get pop ups on my phone that I'm almost out of my coverage area, even though I haven't moved and I can see my router from where I"m sitting.  I also used to have a seamless connection between wifi and cellular. I could literally be on the phone using wifi, walk out of my house, get in my car, connect to my bluetooth in my car and drive away without a dropped call. It would automatically connect to the cellular network once the wifi signal was gone.  That no longer happens with the Galaxy S4.  While I love this phone and all the other features... the wifi calling or lack thereof is really becoming a problem for me.  Has anyone encountered these issues? 


      Also, other issues I've noticed... sound settings change on their own from ring to vibrate to mute, randomly. Also, I can not answer a call when I'm already on the phone. It gives you the option to put existing call on hold or hang up on existing call.  I try to hang up existing call and it doesn't work.  I'll wait to the existing call hangs up and try to answer, it doesn't work. I have to wait to the call goes to voicemail and then call them back.


      Since I use my phone for both business and personal use, dropped calls and not being able to answer a call are quite a problem for me.


      I'd love to hear if anyone else has encountered this and what they've done to fix it.. short of switching providers to someone who has cellular service in my house.

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          Hello ihopeso33,


          We would love to offer some assistance and would be to lose you!  The S4 is an awesome device and we want you to be fully satisfied with it!  


          In regards to the WiFi calling dropping, devices that use IMS Wi-Fi calling do not support a handoff to/from Wi-Fi & GSM, so leaving the radius of the Wi-Fi coverage can result in dropped calls.   However, you specifically mentioned this happens within range of the router, so that adds another factor; you may want to try testing results on the other Wi-Fi calling preferences. 

          The one thing the 3 issues you've mentioned have in common is software, ultimately we would recommend a master reset to see if that reloads the software in a manner that corrects the things you've noticed.   Android is highly driven on software and applications, it is not uncommon for an application to cause corruption to the software.  Reset: Samsung Galaxy S 4

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            Hello ihopeso33,

            It's been over 36 hours since our last comment so we are now marking this post as assumed answered. You can continue to post, and other community users may respond, but if you would like assistance from T-Mobile or T-Force, please create a new discussion.

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              So... I've determined that the issue was my Fios router and have purchased a Netgear N600 and have had success since upgrading to a Wireless N router. 


              What's odd though is that I never had this problem with the Galaxy S2.  Does the Galaxy S2 use IMS Wi-Fi calling or a different type of wifi calling?  I'm curious if there are different types that would allow for that transition to cellular from wifi when the wifi signal weakens or drops.


              I've decided to keep the Galaxy S4 despite the software defects I mentioned (unable to answer a call when on the phone already and random setting changes).