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    When will my "back ordered" iPhone 5s ship?

      To start off, I went to my local T-Mobile store on Friday, September 20th. They did not have a gold 16GB iPhone 5s in stock, so we ordered it there around 8am. I payed for overnight shipping as I want my phone as soon as possible. The entire day of the 20th, I kept checking my order status and it said "processing". I then received an email later that day saying that my transaction had been processed, yet when I checked the order status, it said it was still processing. Then on the 21st, I got an email saying that my order was back ordered even though I called customer support the night before and said that my order would not say it was processing if they were back ordered. I also talked to a service rep and they said if I ordered early in the day on the 20th, I should still receive my iPhone as planned and that the back order message did not apply to me. I am just so confused and want to find out when I can expect my iPhone as I have no shipping date or tracking number or anything.

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          I am in the same boat. I went into the T-Mobile store Friday morning and was the first (and only) one there. I ordered my phone around the same time, 8:00AM and everything went through. I also received the email saying that everything had processes and went through. On Saturday, I recieved an email saying my status had changed to: BackOrdered. It has not changed since then, nor do I have an estimated delivery date. It's utterly confusing as to why they would have people pay for phones, with no information as to when we will recieve it. I spoke to several different reps, all saying different things. One told me they haven't even recieved any iPhones from Apple yet, another told me that all orders placed BEFORE 2:00PM PT on Friday will be shipped out sooner, and all orders placed after 2:00PM would be on a two week waiting period. I am just confused, and would like to know when I will recieve the item I paid for.

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            Hi caitlinmarie ,

            I understand the importance of receiving your device in a timely manner. I see that you have ordered a 16gb Gold device.  They are currently back ordered due to the limited stock we received from Apple.We are expecting a October Shipping time and they will ship as we receive more availability.  We do appreciate your business and apologize for the inconvenience. 



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              Then how come I was told that since I placed my order early morning on the 20th that my iPhone would ship sooner?

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                Hi caitlinmarie,


                I wish I have a good answer but it is all based on inventory available.  We do appreciate your patience while we wait to get more inventory from Apple.





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                  Yeah exact same thing here, i specifically asked the Tmo Rep if tmobile processes orders by which they receive them or if customers who ordered straight from a tmobile store get first prioritization.  He specifically said, "yeah, so tmobile will process orders made through a retail store first than people who ordered online from their house."  I would imagine this makes perfect sense, since there were people who waited in line for the actual phone and end up being told "yeah we thought we were getting them in stock but they called last minute and said we're not getting any."  Is this correct information, or was I misled?  i've read on other posts and some people have actually already got their phones, when they've ordered online at their house! As opposed to me which i still have no shipping date, ordered through a tmobile retail store, shipment backordered, and no information on the status of the actual order.  So to state the question again, does tmobile really process orders made at a retail store first as opposed to an order placed online at a home?  And if not, then tmobile lied!  Prioritization should be considered.

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                    I called my T-Mobile Thursday night and they knew that they would not be receiving any stock but instead would be assisting customers to online order. I do not see why that would entitle them to prioritized delivery.


                    edit: I live in Boston and inquired about other Boston locations too, none of which would have stock.

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                      October for a gold 5s?  If I had known that up front I would have just gone to a store and bought one instead of placing an order online, paying for expedited shipping and then hearing that I may not see it until October.. 


                      BTW - The order status page is essentially useless because it claims I am getting my phone today AND it is backordered.  How do you explain that?

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                        This is from one of your fellow T-Mobile guys on this website answering a question in another post: " Since you were in store and they did not have inventory in store, it was a good step to order through the store. Since it sounds like you ordered your device as early as you could, and before mid day, then you should receive your device as expected."


                        So how the heck do I know if I will get my iPhone as expected since I ordered before mid-day or if I have to wait until the October shipment? This is really frustrating when even the T-Mobile guys on this website are giving different answers.

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                          From Verizon website all three color of 5s will be shipped by 11/2013.

                          AT&T needs wait 24 to 48 business days.

                          I suspect Tmobile will arrive in November.

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                            The retail store i waited in line for, said yes they will have iphone 5s' and iphone 5c's in stock.  They said yes, they are making appointments to help mitigate the traffic, they said they're going to have all staff working as well, they said yes they will have the gold unit for the iphone 5s, they said yes they're expecting chaos in the morning.  Just to clarify, i did call ahead of time (the day before) and that is what a rep told me.  Prioritization SHOULD be considered for people who waited in line after being told yes that they will have all units in stock, and for people who made orders THROUGH a tmobile retail store, as opposed to someone who stayed home and made an order online.  Otherwise, what was the point of a nationwide early opening of all tmobile stores? To help make orders that people could have done at their homes?

                            Back ordering is not the issue here, nor is out of stock, because i know this a nationwide industry issue.  The issue is if i was told that tmobile would process orders made at tmobile retail stores first as opposed to orders placed at home, then why am i, caitlinmarie and jwinslett having to wait as long, maybe even longer for our shipment to come in, when we made orders through a retail store?  I know i could have either gone to an Apple store, stayed at home and ordered online, or AT THE LEAST, waited in line at a best buy store and either gotten an Iphone 5s from AT&T or T-mobile straight from that Best Buy retail store since both carriers use CDMA + GSM and could easily get it unlocked if necessary.