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        tidbits, So we agree?


        Note, in the 4s "How to unlock a Verizon iphone 4s to work with Tmobile" thread from ekerkmann@gmail.com Sep 24, 2013 1:05 AM, he say, "I upgraded to ios 7 and now my phone is saying it's a Verizon phone again and I can't make calls. Anyone know how to unlock it?"  I asked him to confirm he really did port a Verizon 4s to TMO.


        If so here is the revised purchasing and porting matrix:

        -------- -------- -------- --------

        T-Mobile compatible iPhones:

        - iPhone 5/5c/5s phones purchased from T-Mobil.

        - iPhone 5/5c/5s phones purchased from Apple, factory unlocked.

        - iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s phones originally locked to AT&T or Verizon networks, then unlocked.


        The phones can be unlocked by the original carrier (preferred) or by a for-fee unlocking service.

        The iPhone 4/4s models do not support 4G-LTE.  They usually work on slow 2G-Edge and sometimes on 3G.

        -------- -------- -------- --------

        Now, what about Sprint?

        - iPhone 4/4s phones originally locked to Sprint networks, then unlocked?  Yes or no?

        - iPhone 5/5c/5s phones originally locked to Sprint networks, then unlocked?  Yes or no?

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          Sorry to be so dense in constructing this portability matrix.

          This can wait until you return to answer this questions.  I'm in no hurry.

          When I finally get this right I'll post it in another thread with a better title.


          I filled in the matrix with Sprint portability added.  Please check my answers in bold.


          The 4/4s factory-locked to Verizon the same hardware as when factory-locked to Sprint.  True?


          Phones compatible with the TMO network:


          - All iPhones purchased from TMO,

            or an iPhone 5/5c/5s factory-unlocked (purchased from Apple),

            or an iPhone 5 factory-locked to AT&T and then unlocked,

            or an iPhone 5c/5s factory-locked to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint and then unlocked:

                 All TMO frequencies supported including 4G-LTE (highest speed).


          - An iPhone 5 (CDMA model) factory-locked to Verizon or Sprint then unlocked:

            2G-Edge (slow speed) where TMO does not support 3G or 4G-HPSA+.

                 Occasionally 3G (medium speed) and 4G-HPSA+ (high speed) where TMO covers these frequencies.


          - An iPhone 4/4s purchased locked to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint and then unlocked:

                 Usually 2G-Edge (slow speed) where TMO does not support 3G.

                 Occasionally 3G (medium speed) where TMO supports 3G.


          Portability to AT&T from Apple-factory-unlocked or TMO-locked iPhones that have been unlocked.

          - All these iPhones are portable to AT&T.


          Portability to Sprint or Verizon from non-Sprint/Verizon-factory-locked iPhones :

          - None.  They do not accept non-native IMEIs into their database.

                 You must purchase a phone factory locked to these carriers to work on their networks.


          Typical usage by speed:

          Voice, text, mapping, and web browsing (including pictures) work OK on slow 2G-Edge and faster speeds.

                 2G-Edge is available everywhere on TMO's network.

          Streaming audio, tethering and software upgrades work OK on 3G and faster speeds.

                 3G is available in some TMO areas; a few now, more later as they upgrade their towers.

          Streaming video works best on faster speeds: 4G-HSPA+ (fast) and 4G-LTE (fastest).

                 4G-HSPA+ is available in some areas on TMO's network.

                 4G-LTE is available almost everywhere on TMO's network. 


          Unlocking:  It is best to have the original career unlock the phone.

                 Otherwise one can use for-fee services such as these recommended by some TMO customers:

                 http://iphoneimei.info/ , http://iphoneox.com/ and http://iUnlockSmartPhones.com .

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            Is 4G-HPSA+ supported on most of TMO's network or just a few places (a la 3G)?

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              Yes the CDMA iPhone are exactly the same. Only the 4 from Verizon/Sprint can't be used on T-Mobile. Apple didn't turn the iPhone into a world phone until the 4S.


              The CDMA iPhones are the same model numbers.  Since Verizon and Sprint do not import IMEI's that's what makes them non-interchangeable.  You could take it to India and they'll import the IMEI and it'll work without a hitch(Had to go there a few times).


              Apple makes 3 models of each

              International GSM

              International CDMA/Verizon/Sprint

              North America GSM(Supports Canada Bell/T-Mobile Spectrum)

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                I have a specific question

                If I buy the iphone 5s from apple full price t-mobile (I will buy from the apple store), is it automatically factory unlocked?

                Can I use it overseas without activating with tmobile?


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                  That's not right or at least it is not correct at all. I purchased one from the apple store and it is locked, and I can not use it internationally (exactly in Panama)

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                    Online or in store?  There's a vast difference.  In Store there is a chance someone there gave you one that is a locked to a carrier.

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                      I bought it online. And in the Apple Store, not in T-Mobile store....

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                        You bought it from the US store using a US credit card? From what I remember Apple doesn't allow cross purchases. It could be locked to a different carrier. Not all T-Mobile is the same as well.

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                          Apple Store does not sell unlocked iPhone 5S only iPhone 5C.

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                            Hi Josh


                            tmo_josh_m wrote:


                            We understand our customers may need to travel abroad and make use of foreign SIMs, and we do provide an international travel exception for unlocks. Thank you for your understanding.


                            This is really interesting @tmo_josh_m to me and I really hope that you can provide me with an answer. I am in a painful situation


                            I participated in the Global Mobile Internet Conference in San Francisco which had an international startup competition where we made it as runner-up. One of the prizes was sponsored by T-mobile and was an iphone 5c which I'm really happy for considering the effort at the competition. But here comes the problem: as you've probably guessed, the phone is locked to T-mobile which I can't use back here in Denmark. Is there any way that you could bring in this travel exception in in this case? Of course I can show proof that we actually did win this phone in a contest, to show that I am really not just making the whole thing up! Please let me know, I would really like to use my new phone

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                              Best way: call to apple care and explain them your problem (001 800 275 2273). I solved mine.

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                                I've bought a iPhone 5s full price at apple store and I went to a T-mobile and transfer my US number to the SIM card that came with the iPhone and now looks like my phone is locked at T-Mobile carrier. The issue is I'm in Brazil and I'll stay here for 6 months, what I should do to unlock my cell phone to use a local carrier?

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