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$30 prepaid plan & iPhone 5s


If I purchase a new, unlocked iPhone 5s, or a new iPhone 5s with a T-mobile SIM already installed, directly from Apple, will I be able to get the $30/mo. prepaid plan with 100 minutes talk and unlimited text and web as listed on this page, Prepaid Cell Phone Plans, No Credit Check | Monthly 4G | T-Mobile ? If I can't do this with an iPhone 5s purchased directly from Apple, how can I get this plan with an iPhone 5s?



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    You'll have to buy a SIM activation kit.


    The SIM activation kit is only available from Walmart (although some have said it's available online as well).  If you buy the SIM activation kit in store, you will not be able to get that plan.


    And you apparently only get one shot with selecting that plan when you activate it.

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    I posted a question in the iPhone 5s thread you may want to follow.


    Re: iPhone 5s on $30 plan


    Kent Koeninger Sep 23, 2013 2:50 PM (in response to minxikui)

    In the iPhone 5s thread I posted  "Walmart $30 plan a good deal if you talk less than an average of 300 minutes/mo."


    tmo_vanessa_s replied:

         The $30 plan from Walmart is a great deal! Although the current activation kits aren't sold

         with the [nano] SIM card sizes needed for the new iPhones,  you can always setup the plan with

         the [micro] SIM included with the kit, and change the SIM card with us after the account is activated

         so you can use those awesome devices.


    That will work for me because I have an iPhone 4 on which to start the procedure using the WalMart mirco-SIM and then upgrade it to my (soon to be) iPhone 5s at the TMO store.  However what does one do if they are starting with an unlocked iPhone 5s?  WalMart will not be able to activate that using a micro-SIM.

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    Usually you can get a cheap prepaid device from Walmart for around $30-40.

    That would be my suggestion to get the Starter Kit with and then transfer

    to the nano SIM.  That way you also have a backup device.

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    Thanks for the help! Btw, I read in another discussion that you're participating in that, according to tmo_vanessa_s, you can also buy the SIM kit online at T-Mobile.com (http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-phone/T-Mobile-Nano-SIM-Card-Prepaid) and the cost online is 99¢ compared to the cost at Wal-mart where, I read in these discussions, it is nearly $40! So, since I already have a prepaid phone from another carrier to use as a backup, it looks like getting the 99¢ SIM kit online would be a better option...or am I missing something else?


    Thanks, again, for everyone's help! Hope Apple starts resupplying iPhone 5S's sooner than 28-40 days if this will work!

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    That works.


    You just need to order it online or from Walmart to get that plan.

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    Thanks, smplyunprdctble!


    Now, it's all up to Apple & their suppliers to meet the demand! Don't think I ever heard of anyone waiting in lines for hours, if not days, to buy a Samsung... lol but it's a nice "problem" for Apple to have

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    Google can't keep up with demand when their Nexus devices first come out.


    I've heard of stores being sold out pretty quickly of Samsung devices --

    but, that's not as often.

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    Looks like smply answered everything you needed and all the info I see here is correct except that a sim kit online is now $10 and the kit you get at Walmart has your first month ($30) plus the kit fee ($10) so really it's the same price so go with whatever option works best for you. Please let us know if you have more questions!

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    Glad I ordered one at $.95 then!