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Post your Estimated Delivery Dates!


Maybe we can start to figure out how this backordered status works.  I was at the computer working hard to get to my iPhone 5s at 12:01AM, but the site was acting funky and I wasn't able to get my ordered processed until 12:31AM.  Putting my wife's Gold iPhone in backordered position and thus postponing our whole order.


Decent news though, I have a


Estimated delivery date: 09/26/2013


Which is supposedly not too bad.  But I am not sure if that estimated delivery day reflects what it could have been if they had enough stock, or if it is actually the estimated delivery date.


What is yours?

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    I jumped on the site at 3 AM Eastern time and my deliver date is Oct. 7.  Dealing with my Apple gift card must have slowed me down significantly.

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    I posted the backorder thread but this is a good idea. Mine said order processing on the My Account page for a bit before it turned to Backordered. I ordered my 32gb Gold before 3 am probably around 2:50-2:55. Originally said a delivery date of 9/27 and still does. I'm mostly curious as to if the ETA is updated when it backorders or not. Has anyone's date actually been pushed back?


    I don't really mind it being on backorder if the estimated date is accurate. I just can't seem to find out whether it is or not.

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    So, I just got off of the Live Chat with T-Mobile and KarenB stated that the Estimated Delivery Date is accurate.  She told me to rest assured that my iPhone will be here on the 26th.  So that's a positive sign.  Just hope she's right.

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    I really think that the delivery dates must have something to do with location as well.  My first order didn't go through at all.  Neither did the next 3.  After refreshing all my browsers, I was able to get mine in.  The time on my Order Status Screen is 09/20/2013 at 12:31 AM, so all those before me who got later dates, must be in different areas.

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    It sounds like TMO is delivering faster than Apple.  My purchase posted at 12:12 on the Apple site, 20 minutes before yours on TMO site and you are getting delivery two weeks ahead of me.

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    I imagine a lot more customers attempted to purchase directly through apple

    rather than through their carrier. I'm actually really surprised by my date

    now although I was frustrated last night. Then again, which model did you

    order?  It's my wife's Gold 16GB that is holding up my order.


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    That's good to hear. Since it's Friday even if it was backordered a couple of days it probably wouldn't ship until Monday or Tuesday anyway keeping the order on track. Oh well, this will give me something to needlessly obsess over for the next week.

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    Ordered at 3:01 AM EST. Tracking provided and status is set to shipped. Got it from t-mobile.com, silver 16gb.

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    I ordered around 3:30AM EST, gold 16GB.  I paid for expedited shipping and was given 9/23 as the delivery date.  This morning it was changed to backordered, says the estimated delivery is 9/23 but there is no tracking information.  I got on chat and the rep said there was NO ETA for my device.  NONE.  Then he said whatever day they got it, I'd get it 3 days later and I said I paid for next day.  Then be backpedaled and said it would ship 9/23 and I'd get it 9/24 and that the screen said mine would ship Monday even though my order page doesn't say that at all.  I have the very distinct feeling I was lied to just to get me out of chat.  Needless to say I am not impressed with the order process or support I am getting.

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    Thank you everyone for posting and sharing information that's what our community is all about! crossphire I can assure you that T-Force is hanging out in the community here with you guys and will continue to do so as we always have. If there is anything you need concerning your order create a post here in the iPhone space and we will reply. We can't provide any additional information about the back order at this time but if you do not receive your device on the expected delivery date and have no information then let us know and we will dig up what we can for you. Of course that goes for anyone that needs our assistance! Have a great day everyone!

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    So is it not a certain thing what the online rep said to me in live chat?

    She said I could rest assured that my backorder will be arriving on the

    26th of this month. Do you guys have additional information on your screen

    that is not accessible by us?




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    Currently everything is going so fast that I don't have any current information except that the black and white 16GB models are on back order with no estimated time of fulfillment. There can be additional information on an order that is available to us and not you so I would trust in the chat rep however keep in mind that it has not been shipped yet so anything can happen but of course getting you the device as quickly as possible is the plan. Please let us know if the plan doesn't roll out as expected

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    The biggest frustration I am having is that I was told 2 different things.  I was told there was no ETA on my order and then I was told I would get it Tuesday - the same rep said both things within a matter of minutes.  Keep in mind that my estimated delivery date is Monday (3 days from now) and yet it shows the phone is backordered. 

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    Your feelings are understandable crossphire, I would say since you still have an expected delivery date to go by that and if that doesn't end up being the case let us know and we will share any information we have with you.

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