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how can I unlock my iphone 5?


How are you? I have a particular story with my iphone. I was in the USA during the summer this year, I just went for the summer as an international student and I got a phone plan (no contract) with "family mobile", In the middle of july I bought and iphone 5 at wallmart asking if it would work with family mobile and then it would be able to be unlocked so I could take it back to my country (Colombia). The seller said yes of course and he gave me the iphone. Now, when I tried to unlock the iphone with family mobile, the said that this phone (the IMEI number) is registered with T-mobile that I have to contact T-mobile customer service so they can help me, but when I talk with T-mobile CS, they just said that I am not able to get it unlock because I havent had any sim card, plan, phone number with them during a period. So right now I am back in my country with a locked phone without the help of any company.