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Can't pay T-Mobile EIP Online


I generally like T-Mobile but I'm always having SOME trouble with your website whether it be an order won't complete, my credit card is declined or the website just is slow to load. Seriously get a half decent website a company your size should be able to do that. Anyways my latest issue is I can't make an EIP payment online. I've tried two credit cards both say my number is not valid, with one of my cards saying my number is not valid and my security code on the back of the card is not valid as well. I've not had any issues with either of these cards online or in store so I know both cards are fine. I've also been reading the forums and many others are complaining about this as well. From what I'm seeing though T-Mobile seems to be just referring to people pay over the phone and seeming to imply its more of a problem with our cards and/or a rare issue.


Well you guys really need to acknowledge this issue and FIX it, It's a pretty big customer problem when we can't make any payments to our bills via your website.