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    talk and surf.


      i thought AT&T was the only network that you could talk and text on? today on my iPhone 5 i was on the phone and surfing the Internet at the same. i wasn't connected to wifi or anything, is this a new tmobile feature?

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          GSM providers can do this while CDMA providers like Verizon and Sprint can't.


          That's why AT&T always had those commercials taking a jab at Verizon.

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            oh okay but AT&T makes it seem like they're the only network you can do it on. thanks for the info...I've been with tmobile for years and never knew that. haha

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              @jackson1714, Yes AT&T did use it as a big draw... for the longest time they were the only carrier who you could talk and surf on. It is a plus to a GSM network, but it can only be done at speeds of 3G and higher. The reason people are just now noticing it on T-Mobile is because for the longest time T-Mobile operated on EDGE (2G). But with T-Mo's recent network reframing they are showing their true ability to rock. AT&T is having to look long and hard at their business strategy now because they can't claim to be the only "Talk & Surf" carrier, they also no longer have unlimited data. Even if T-Mobile throttles after so much usage, it still beats shelling out $10 when you go over and lord knows everyone will. And that's on top of their "cheapest" plan you can use the iPhone on being a whooping $89.99 before taxes. OUCH!