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SAMSUNG GALAXY SII (shuts off and vibrates)

I urgently need help!

Firstly where is the online live chat tab people keep saying is in the far right????


Secondly my Samsung Galaxy SII shut off on me yesterday and has shorts spams of vibration every 2 seconds.
It didn't fall in water, and if it did fall on the ground I have a phone case to protect it.
Now the phone shut off randomly and when i try to reboot it doesn't. When i take out the battery and reinsert it, it reboots for 5 seconds (just enough to show the samsung logo/startup loading) and then it shuts off and continues the spasm thing.
This has happened before but before the phone could turn back on normally, now it wont.
Anyone knows how to fix this?


I went to the t-mobile store to try to get it fixed before this whole incident and they said they can't help me because the phone isn't under my name, its under my dad's. How can I get around this then because I cannot get into contact with my father?

I cannot call customer service since my phone is broken and I don't have access to a phone to do so. any help?????

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    Firstly, the chat tab only appears when there's a rep available.


    Secondly, that sounds like classic "power button is stuck"


    Thirdly, if he adds you as an Authorized User, you should be able to get it taken care of.  But, you need him in order to start one of the processes (either warrantying your phone or to add you as an authorized user)

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    Hi kathyulett,


    Smplyunprdctble is correct about the chat option. Most of the main pages, like the Equipment page, have a link to the chat site when the chat specialists are available.


    That’s very strange about your device just turning off like that. Is the power button lose or stuck in any position? Have you done any troubleshooting aside from removing the battery?


    If you can have your dad contact us, we can add you as an authorized user, but you do not need to be authorized to get help with your device - only if we end up needing to replace it completely.

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    'smplyunprdctble' is right....It happened to me and I was quoted some pretty high prices until I read a post in the XDA Developers Forum, they suggested using a company called mobiletechvideos I am not plugging some company to make a buck....I loved my S2 and the guy fixed to for 25 bucks plus shipping. Google the reviews check out the prices and he does it far cheaper. Also he is on YouTube as well. Mine kept restarting and vibrating I could get to work every now and then yet it was the switch.


    I really hope this helps you out.