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Will Astound get Symbian Anna? What about Belle?

See : http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/news/item/13196_Symbian_Anna_now_available_for.php
So, the rest of the world is getting Symbian Anna, the updated Symbian^3 -  will we get this also? or is it never going to happen? Did t-mobile make too many customizations?


What abotu Belle? Will we get that? I'd be happy to skip Anna if we knew that Belle was coming.



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    My wife and I both have the asount and love the hardware, love the capability of the software but it could use form usability improvements. Belle is out now and looks great. I do hope Nokia/ T-Mobile willl get Belle out for the Astound ASAP. It is the only Symbian 3 phone on the US market from a Carrier.

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    I'm really tempted to roll my own Bell firmware.. Apparently NaviFirm+, Nokia cooker, and Phoenix, allow you to make your own custom firmware..


    I'm close to doing it... once there is a working  C7 firmware with Belle, I'll probably give it a try.

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    I would suspect that the problem Nokia is continuing to have with Symbian ^3 (Anna) release and Belle release has to do with use of the 1700AWS band in the US and restrictions T-Mobile may have placed on it.


    If Nokia doesn't move faster, and outsources all its Symbian work in favor of Mickeysoft OS, it is dead here.


    If T-Mobile doesn't improve their customer service and smarts, thn their prie advantage means nothing and people will migrate to Verizon (not AT&T).


    Announced improvements that don't appear drive people to Android which is now a mature market with really good apps.



    Nokia N-8

    Android G-2

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        i hacked mine and did some modding it works fast and fine no freezes or lags this is the best way to keep the nokia astound maintenanced and steady if you dont believe me look it up i recommend waiting cuz the person who put up the belle update was a fraud anna is available but only by flashingalso to get belle update early you need to flash it but i dont recommend that either lol so yea veverybody including me are stuck with pr1.0 for now

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    I also ended up doing the Symbian Anna/PR2/fw v22 install -- the only problem - you totally lose the wifi calling feature.  Which was the big reason that I wanted to get the Astound in the first place. Not only that, but it is impossible to revert to the old v20.37 firmware.


    Yes Anna is "better" .. but not better enough to keep using the phone without the wifi calling.


    So. I bougth a LG G2x, going android.. and it is mostly a far superior phone with a couple exceptions.


    Astound advantages:

    (1) SportsTracker on Android is not as good as SportsTracker on Symbian

    (2) GPS is not as good on the G2x/Android... seems to be a configuration problem.. the hardware is fine -- but if you try different firmware/settings it can be fixed, but default config blows.

    (3) Nokia Cameras rule.  The Astound was much faster - Android -- laggy.. (maybe fixed in Ice Cream Sandwhich)

    (4) podcatcher!

    (5) not so many apps.. not Android has  a baziilon CRAPPY apps.

    (6) dedicated camera button..  and dedicated unlock button


    g2x/Android advantages:

    (1) custom firmwares are trivial and super easy

    (2) speed -- not really fair to compare a Cortex A9 dual core 1.0 ghz (1.5 ghz over clocked!) to a 680 mhz ARM11 ...

    (3) stability  - way less crashes..  stuff just works!

    (4)  Android Market/Amazon Market -- just work.

    (5) Lots of Apps... lots of great free apps..

    (6) battery life is better... with right mods.

    (7) Cyanogen Mod 7.. and related firmwares.. yeah.. bugs get fixed quickly.

    (8) big screen! 4" 800x480 vs 3.5" 640x350


    Bottom line.. I've switched to andoid and not looking back. It was fun Symbian.. but Android is better..

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    I just found the Anna update became available for my T-Mobile C7 Astound today. If you do a Software Update, you should see an 11 MB download. After installing that, there were two other updates to install. So far, so good...

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    Saw your post just now, and I'm doing the update as we speak... Unfortunately I've moved on to the HTC Amaze because of the issues I had with the buggy version of ^3 that came with the phone out of the box... but the Nokia is my backup phone, I take it on trips with me because the GPS is far superior to Android. Can't wait to see the new OS in action!

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    your crazy the nokia is way better then the amaze pretty soon your gonna have parser and software issue which is known with android devices i rooted alot of em and played with before and there all the same thing but other then  that what about the belle update dying to try it for my astound

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    I was able to use Navifirm to flash back to the new v24 firmware for tmobile's astound.. and flashing it twice was required, but now I have wifi calling + anna.. which is nice.. but it is still nothing compared to my G2x..

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    How did you manage to downgrade to T-Mobile v24 for Nokia Astound? Did you follow any guide?

    I have generic Anna 25.07 and want to go back to T-Mobile firmware to use Wi Fi Calling (UMA)



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    I used one of the other v24 Anna updates -- -so as long as the major version is the same, you can use Navifirm + Phoenix to switch back and forth between firmwares. But if you already went to v25.. you are stuck. Phoenix does *not* allow you to go back to an older firmware.


    There is a "bug" with the N8, which allows you to go back to v11 firmware, but this does not exist for the C7/Astound.


    So if you went up to v25, you are stuck, and you will have to wait for tmobile to release something newer.



    Currently there is a v20 and a v24 for Tmobile's RM-691 as listed by Navifirm.

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    You will be sorry if you try to load the "Belle" upgrade to your Astound. Because is Belle is totally unstable and apparently not designed by Nokia. I give Nokia 9 months before they fade away into oblivion with their non-working Lumia Windows phones.



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    @ Bruce -   That has not been my experience.  I upgraded to belle about 2 weeks ago and have been very happy with Belle.  The phone is as stable as it was with the Anna update and I have not had any problems with stability or anything else.  I miss the wifi calling app though, you definitely lose that.