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HTC One S NOT receiving text messages

Hello, everyone, I have a really good problem for you all!


On Saturday, 17 AUG, I went to local T-Mobile store and extended my plan to a family plan.  I was on a grandfathered classic plan, which we bridged to the new all-in, all unlimited deal.


We activated the new line on my One S, which I gave to my fiancé, and activated my original line on a brand new HTC One that I bought that day.


Both phones received the texts from T-Mobile corporate, so nobody thought the better of it.


However, the old phone on the new line just will not receive a text from ANY phone.  T-Mobile said there was some sort of engineering fault in my area, (Wichita, KS - 67217) and it should be 48-72 hours before it was repaired.


So, 72 hours came and went, phone still wouldn't get texts, so I called BACK in, and spoke to Britney in tech support.  Very helpful girl, spent a good hour going through things, including doing a master reset on the phone, and finally swapping SIM cards between phones.  The issue jumped phones, so we suspected a bad SIM card.


So I went back to the store, and asked for a replacement SIM card, which they did without delay.  However, it did NOT solve the problem.  JUST to make sure, the store attendant brought out a new Galaxy S4, and it also would not accept texts from itself, or any other phone.  We were also on with tech support at the store, who's final suggestion was to send engineering BACK out to the cell site that had issues, and have us wait another 72 hours.


I gathered the patrons of the store who had T-Mobile around the phone, and had them all attest that their texting was working, as was the store employees, and my other line.


This is not an equipment problem, either on my or T-Mobile's end.  This is a configuration problem on the line.  I need someone to fix this problem, and understand that even though everything LOOKS fine, I assure you, it is NOT.


Somebody please help me solve this issue.  I'm paying for a service that no one seems to know what is wrong.




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    Hello stormchasertim,


    What a great job you've done thus far in isolating this, making it that much easier for us to know where to look!  I agree with your prognosis being that of the configuration or registration.   This actually sounds familiar to something that happened to one of my lines when we ported it in, did you happen to port in a number for this new line?  If so, please contact NTC at 1-877-789-3106 let them know you have an existing request and ask them to perform a "rebroadcast". Once this is complete reboot the device and test within 2 hrs. 


    If the number was not ported or the 2 hrs has past since the re-broadcast please email us directly so we can research the status of the ticket.  I've sent you a PM with our information. Thanks!

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    The new line (xxx-xxx-4422) was fraught with issues from day one.  For starters, it would not recieve text messages, UNLESS they came from T-Mobile corporate.  We contacted technical support about it, and was advised of some equipment failure in the area, and it should be resolved in 48-72 hours.


    After the prescribed time period had elapsed, the phone was still not receiving text messages, and we placed a call to tech support again.  At the insistence of tech support, we tried several things, they did some refreshing from their end, and did a master reset on the phone.  At that point, I was advised to go back to the store for a replacement SIM card.  This was on Monday, 19 AUG.


    The store replaced the SIM card, and it did not solve the problem.  At that point, the problem worsened, as the phone would no longer receive inbound phone calls.  However, on a whim, I decided to swap the SIM cards between the One and the One S.  The problem did follow the SIM card, effectively ruling out the equipment as the cause.  In fact, line 4422's SIM card could be installed in another phone, (we tried with several Galaxy S4's at the retail store), and those new phone would exhibit the same symptoms.  Another several hours were spent at the store with the store personnel on the phone with retail support.


    We were unaware of the incoming phone call problem until Wed, AUG 21.  At which point I called technical support and they suggested another trip to the store, for yet another replacement SIM card.  Predictably, this did not bring about a resolution, and resulted in yet another two hours spent at the retail store, talking to people who didn't seem to have my best interests in mind on retail support.


    At this point, the retail store agreed with MY assessment that there had to be some configuration issue associated with that line of service, and that the proper course of action would be to terminate that line, and activate a completely new line of service.  However, tech support constantly argued that this would not solve the problem.  I left the retail outlet once again dissatisfied, with a crippled phone.  On top of that, I had a fiance begging me to drop your service like a hot stone.


    Yesterday, Thursday, AUG 22 brought about a new revelation.  Not only would the phone not receive texts, it would not receive a phone call from anything but a T-Mobile phone.  Other cellulars and landlines simply got a message that the phone was unavailable.  This had reached a level that was unacceptable.  I called tech support for the final time, reaching Britney, whom I had spoke to on one of my other calls.  Let me tell you, it was VERY nice to reach someone with prior knowledge of the incident.  Regardless, Britney agreed with me as well that it was time to deactivate the 4422 line, and start fresh with an entire new line.  She contacted the store I had been dealing with, and spoke to them, and apparently, a manner with which to acheive this had been agreed upon.  I was advised to drive back to the store.  Again.  My stance was that T-Mobile was solving the problem, or we were done.  All lines canceled.  Taking my business elsewhere.  Britney promised a follow-up call on Friday, AUG 23.


    So, I arrived back at the store, and Wendy Vasquez, my original sales rep, was attempting to do exactly as ALL of us (being Britney in tech support, myself, and Wendy) had determined to be the fix, no thanks to your engineering department who's happy to let people wait.  She got ahold of someone else yet, who outright refused to do the procedure.  As to be expected, I was pretty infuriated, and with the physical location I was standing, I had an AT&T store across the road, and Sprint two blocks north.  I told your corporate rep that I was awaiting Britney's call to make a determination on whether I will continue a relationship with T-Mobile.


    Would you like to know who solved your problem?  Wendy Vasquez at the store.  Right as I was ready to walk out the door to go to Sprint, Wendy floated the idea of simply adding another line to my family plan, then deactivating the failed line.  She did this, it took a whopping ten minutes, and the problem was resolved.  She spent more time arguing with customer service people about waiving some fee or something.

    We still do not know what happened with the 4422 line, what went wrong, how it went wrong, etc.  However, the problem is solved. 

    EDIT:  This was not a ported number, it was computer-generated by T Mobile's computers.

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    The above is simply a chronological reference, and detail of the events.


    An email has been sent to John Legere about this as well, with all of the information.


    Frankly, craziest issue I have ever seen, and everyone involved agreed that they had never seen such a thing.



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    I'm having the same exact issue. I cant send or receive text messages and I could before. Any idea? Or should I just head to the t-mobile store?