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    My Samsung Galaxy S4 won't charge....


      I've tried different chargers and I even went to replace the battery. The second battery charged fine yesterday when it was plugged into the computer, but now it will not even charge at all. I did go to a T-mobile store to see if anything was wrong with the phone and the guy told me it was just the battery. He even tried charging it, but it wouldn't work. I've only had this phone for 2 months, I have no idea whats wrong.

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          wow .. so the store rep couldn't even charge it?  did they not offer to replace it for you?  because that's probably what you want to do ... i'm sure you uninstalled any battery saver apps that you might have right?  sometimes they bork the phone ..


          anyway .. i'd look into a warranty replacement on the phone considering you've done all those things to try and fix it already ... and the problem still remains.

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            actually heres the problem theres is nothing wrong with your phone you dont have the right charger hear me  out because i tested this theory and did some research   . i have the galaxy s4 as well (love the phone by the way)  i have came across  the problem the reason why is  your suppose to use the charger that came with the phone  only   or   new charger that came out  late 2012  because now that there making androids faster  smarter  (lots of components and  power drawing processors) it needs more power but they cant give it more power because it will  fry the motherboard of the phone so what they did was they changed the wattage support of the newer phones after  i think  the galaxy s3 or just  any jelly bean androids  if you are using old chargers  or your laptop or desktop it will do  2 of the following  1 give it a really slow charge or wont charge at all  to me in lames turn for people thats not techy  at all i put it like this   they now have 2 types of chargers  low voltage chargers and high voltage  charges  low voltage changers  charges the old phones (including pc usb charging)  and high voltage charges the newer phones   same voltage but different wattage

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              The battery on my Galaxy S4 also did not charge and I also got it fixed, but you may want to know what happened to me.

              I called T-Mobile support and after 15 minutes of questions/answers, the support person said they would send me a new battery but they would have to charge me at least $7.99 for shipping even though my phone is still covered by the Samsung 12 month warranty. I asked if I could take it to a T-Mobile store and they said the T-Mobile store would not have any extra batteries. So I told them "No thanks" and I would contact Samsung customer service myself. So I called Samsung and told them about my battery that did not charge and they gave me an appointment the same day at a Samsung repair center nearby. They looked at my phone and discovered the charging circuit in my phone was bad and they replaced it for free. There was nothing wrong with my battery or wall charger. Hope this helps.

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                Whatnstate are you in no one has mentioned being sent to a repairncenter before

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                  I asked Samsung if there was a local shop I could go to and they recommended RSI in Plano, TX, USA (www.repairsvc.com) and they provided excellent service and fixed my phone in less than an hour. You can google "Samsung authorized service centers your-place" (change your-place to the city or state you live in) to find one near you.