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No service at home



I am adding my name to the many I read on here struggling with home coverage.  While I do not have years of loyalty to T-Mobile, I was excited to join up a few months ago.  I have three phones on my plan and while I love the service away from my home, I cannot use it at the house.  When I signed up all the maps showed good coverage and there is nothing at my house.  All three phones search and search or just state no coverage.  There is one side of the house by a window that gets consistent 2-3 bars and so I was told by a phone rep with T-Mobile that a signal booster would resolve my issue.  Like many, I was told though that they are out of stock and to keep calling and calling and calling in hopes of catching them in one day.  This has been going on since June.  The run around and changing stories reached such a head that I pushed to customer support and loyalty to try to cancel my account but I couldn't even do that as they were going to make me pay all the early termination fees!!  For service that doesn't work in my house!!


I was told at one point that there are new boosters in production that are supposed to work better anyway and while these months have been frustrating, I would love to know that to be true and be able to be on a list to receive one so that I do not have to call and call and call and continue to get frustrated.  At the same time, I would love to also know if this is never going to happen.  I do not have phones that can do WiFi calling.  A boost of some kind is the only thing that can keep me on T-Mobile at this point.

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    Hi neworldman! I can understand how important great service at home is. When you check your coverage here: http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/pcc.aspx - What does it show when you put in your full address?

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    Hello and thank you for contacting me.  It states "My 4G LTE coverage is GOOD."  The color shows up as pale pink and "satisfactory".

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    Did you also make sure to zoom all the way in?

    It higher is less accurate approximation.

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    Yes, that is zoomed all the way in.  Thank you for asking.

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    Maria, thank you for contacting me a couple days ago.  @tmo_maria DId you see my response? 

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    Hi neworldman!!!


    With that being what it is showing for your service, we'd want to take a closer look at this for you! We've sent you a message directly to your inbox. If you'll look at the top of the screen next to your picture and profile name, you'll notice a notification icon. Please click that to view your messages!

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    I also have the same problem with T-Mobile I have no service at home. I am really upset with this company, how can I be paying almost 200 a month and have no service at home when needed. I called my provider t-mobile and they say unfournately we dont have a strong signal in your area. Of course they also had me try the wi-fi calling, which like everyone else mention is pay to a seperate provider. Of course that didnt work, so they force customers like myself to cancel their non working service. Although for some apperant reason they want to charge an early termination fee. If the service would work I would not be cancelling. I cant pay for a service that is not being render,t-mobile wants to charge 100% of the bill without providing 100% working service to its customers. Something needs to be done about this you cant charge customers an early termination fee under this circumstances it is not fair. SPECIALLY WHEN YOU AS A COMPANY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROBLEM. I hope t-mobile reconsiders these actions on their customers or maybe a class action needs to start

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    That is why they say cell phone companies are worse then used car salesmen.

    This is the same with all the major providers and their contracts.

    Also it is in the contract that was agreed to, you can't join or file a class action lawsuit and may possibly need to go thru mandatory arbitration.

    With any provider if you get past their initial time period of owner ship first 14 or 30 days and keep the service regardless of how it is working, you are locked into that contract and if you cancel for any reason, even if you are no longer getting service, you need to pay the ETF.

    I would recommend email tforce (at) t-mobile (dot) com and maybe they can lower it but no guarantees.