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What's up with Lookout Antivirus app? Several weeks ago, I get an email saying that because I'm a T-Mobile customer with PHP and am using Lookout, that I'll now get the Premium package for free and that my phone would upgrade to it automatically. Well, it upgraded, but apparently it was only a short trial and now I'm back to basic and they want me to pay for Premium. Lame!  Some rep on Facebook tells me I can only have this with JUMP (which I only learned about today), but I'm under contract for another 1.5 years and have the PHP insurance through Assurion. 
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    that's true.  you get Premium free with Jump.  however, have you considered simply migrating to a Simple Choice plan to get away from the contract and signing up with Jump?  in a lot of cases the migration fees are waived.  there's no reason to be shackled with a contract now that TMO has begun its Uncarrier identity.  i'd look into migrating to a no contract Simple Choice plan and then "Jumping"

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    Thanks for the reply, but actually, according to Lookout's site...  " Why do I get Lookout Premium as an Asurion T-Mobile PHP or JUMP! subscriber?
    T-Mobile has partnered with Lookout to provide mobile security as part of their insurance packages. As a current PHP or JUMP! customer, yo
    u are eligible to upgrade to Lookout Premium, free of charge. This upgrade will happen automatically, and you will continue to receive Lookout Premium services for the duration of your insurance plan.

    Please note, Lookout Premium is only available for Android devices at this time.



    I actually sent Lookout an email, and they finally got back to me and now I do have the Premium account back.  Here's their reply.


          "I'm very sorry for the delay. Our upgrading process has been taking longer than anticipated.

    Please reactivate Lookout on your device and let me know if you still do not receive the free Premium upgrade.

    From your device (not the app) go to Settings > Applications> Manage Applications > Lookout > and choose "Force stop," then "Clear data"

    Lastly, go to Settings > Applications > Running Services > and select any Lookout services running, and tap "Stop"

    This should end Lookout running on your device. When you open the Lookout app please make sure to log in as an existing user and select 'Already have an account? Log in here.' and enter the email address of your existing Lookout account."

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    cool didn't know it was PHP as well .. just knew JUMP members got it. glad it worked out.

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