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  • 60. Re: g2 pictures deleting/reappearing after restart



    so far I have tried everything except the Master Reset on GB 2.3.4 (did it many times before or when reflashing, but not on this build) and except clearing data from the Gallery app. I believe I have reformatted the SD card once in past to no avail either.


    Have just cleared all Gallery data cache. so far so good, but it may take days to re-occur, so I will see.


    not_carly wrote:


    So, I'm not sure if anyone has seen this, but T-mobile claims to have fixed the issue.


    Here is forum post answered by moderator tmo_alicia_b: http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/23626?tstart=0


    The official fix is posted here: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3113


    I haven't tried any of the instructions recently, although when I initially experienced the problem I did reformat the SD card and factory reset the phone (as well as a score of other 'fixes') -- at that time nothing worked to eliminate the issue.


    Please let us know if the posted fix actually works (I'll report back if I have a chance to try them too).

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    I have the same problem (or I wouldn't be here) I haven't tried any of the fix's yet . One thing I've noticed is that most of them revolve around the SD card. All of my pictures are on my phone memory, I don't have any on my SD card. So my guess is that the problem is in the OS and T-mobile/Google are going to have to come up with a software fix not a manipulation fix. I'll be waiting.

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    It's really sad that after 8 months of this same problem it's still not fixed.. I'm glad I broke my contract and went with a different carrier.. T-Mobile is HORRIBLE..

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    I've had the opportunity to try the first possible fix listed on the official support page (http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3113)




    To resolve this issue, follow the steps below:


    1. Remove the battery. Re-insert it, and turn on the device..
    2. Clear the application data:
      1. From the Home screen, press Menu.
      2. Touch Settings.
      3. Touch Applications.
      4. Touch Manage.
      5. Touch All.
      6. Touch Gallery.
      7. Touch Clear data.
    3. Open the Gallery to see if the issue is resolved.




    I have found that this is only a temporary solution. It does fix the problem and bring back all the missing gallery files and folders, but as soon as new files are added to the gallery the problem starts again.


    I will likely try the other 'fixes' that tmobile has listed, but I'm procrastinating as I fear they will all prove to be temporary solutions as everything else has proven to be in the past.


    I tend to agree with sgtchaffee that the issue is rooted in something deeper that only Tmobile, HTC, and Google can resolve on their end.

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    it didn't work of course. after roughly a week the problem with (some of new) missing pictures from Gallery returned. I elarned to justr estart the phone or unmount&mount the sd card before I want to see all my pics in Gallery... it's so lame of T-Mobile to fail on solving something like this ...

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    Hi All --


    Well, I still haven't had the chance to go through the resets and reformats suggested by tmobile as possible fixes to the missing files issue. However, I have found a work around that is far less inconvenient than having to run the SDrescan app or remounting the SD card everytime I want to see all my gallery files.


    I have stopped using the built in gallery app in favor of QuickPic. This app is available free in the Android Market (Play). It is able to recognize all photo and video files and folders. No need to rescan the SD!


    Since QuickPic doesn't have the same issues that the Gallery does, I am even more convinced that this is a software issue, and HTC and TMobile are doing customers (US!) a disservice by not addressing it. Asking G2 users to reformat/reset/etc their phone/SD cards is bullocks and I'm starting to think they have presented this solution simply because it is a time sink and very few will go to the trouble of seeing the process through, thus preventing the possibility that someone will discover that it is not a 'fix' after all. Shameful!!!

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    I am very happy that you found a solution that does work for you. However, there are many causes of this issue. Sometimes our steps work for this and sometimes they do not because it is a different issue. All in all, we are collecting this feedback for known issues and thank you for providing everyone else with a possible work around.

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    Yowza. I guess I hit a nerve with my last post seeing as it elicited the first official tmobile message under this discussion since it's initiation back in August 2011.


    It's unfortunate that tmo_kyle wasn't able to offer us anything beyond lip-service . . . but thanks for trying anyway.

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    yeah, I have tried actually all the steps outlined in official "fix" and none of them worked. the issue keeps coming back always after a few days. It could be that Gallery app is actually broken by some T-mobile bloatware on this release.

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    feniks, have you tried using the QuickPic app? I'm curious to see if it will work for others experiencing these issues.

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    I've been using QuickPic for awhile, and it has taken care of the issues with the gallery. Just to make sure that gallery issues don't creep up, I force close the gallery app in the settings everytime my phone starts up.


    I do, however, still have frequent problems with the sd card randomly unmounting quite often. My phone also reboots on its own several times per week. But those are other threads...

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    I'm having this issue as well, only it's not JUST pictures. My Music also disappears, which is even more annoying because it means that any new music file I use as a ringtone disappears with everything else.


    I created my own ringtone and uploaded it to my phone -- it works fine for awhile, but after 2-3 days, when the newer media disappears the ringtone disappears too, and the next time I get a call it uses the default ringtone, which I don't even recognize because I never use it.


    I've seen T-Mobile's "fix" for the gallery problem, but how do I fix this disappearing music issue?

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    I know exactly what you mean! I created the ringtone several times and saved it in different places trying to make it stay for more than a day. I even used different apps thinking that might be the problem. Nothing helped.


    You might want to get a brand new sd card. Trying another sd card I had didn't fix the problem, it took the new one to do it. Backup the old one to your computer. When you go to put the files onto the new sd, there will probably be some the computer can't transfer; those are the corrupt ones.


    I haven't had a single problem since I did this. At first I was hesitant about having to purchase a new sd card. But it turned out to be a not-so-expensive fix, especially compared to the cost of getting a new phone. (Which I was seriously considering.) So I, once again, love my G2.

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    QuickPic fixed my G2 problem with gallery. Clearly it is a software problem with the gallery app. Glad I found this fix prior to a master reset and format.

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