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    Group messaging on LG Optimus L9

      Just got an LG Optimus L9.  I'm trying to send a group text to two people.  Both recipients got the text, but when they answer, only I see their text, but not the third person.  I previously had an iPhone 4, and my two friends also have iPhones.  Is doing a group text where everyone sees everyone's replies just an iPhone thing, or can I do that on my LG?

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          I forgot to mention that I was previously with AT&T on an iPhone 4 when I had group messaging.  I just switched to T-mobile and to an LG Optimus L9.  Is the the phone that has the group messaging problem or is it T-Mobile?  Also, how can I get group messaging without having everyone in my various groups download an app?

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            Hey jennycurlylox!


            Welcome to Team Magenta! The L9 does offer group messaging too! Here are the steps for using this feature on your phone http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-5761#send_messages


            Lucinda @ T-Force

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              I think what you are describing is more like mass texting.  What I have been doing in the past with other phones (and my friends have been able to do the same thing with their phones) is more like chat through texting.  (Someone sends out the group message and we can all see each other’s replies and who is in the group.  Everyone’s replies stay in one thread in texting.)  With my phone now, I can’t see anyone else’s replies if someone includes me in a group message.  If I am the one to send out the group message, the recipients see it as a message coming only to them and not everyone else.  Also, they cannot see anyone else’s replies.  Everyone’s replies to my group text come in separate threads.

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                There is actually an AWESOME app to have a text chat room with your friends and it's called groupme. Your friends can install it as well and use it or they will just see a text message thread in their phone (although it will not be from your number) that shows everyone's replies and everything just like in a chat room. Thanks for the post and have fun!


                Keith M