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Yahoo / sbcglobal email problem

Today, my my touch 4g slide stopped syncing with my sbcglobal email account.  Multiple, multiple attempts to reimport the account information, deleting the account, reboots etc. didn't work.  Using different browers on the device won't even log in through the Internet.  This problem does not affect my mac, gmail or exchange accounts.  Moreover, I have no problems with the sbcglobal account on my iPad or any computer-Internet log in.  The problem is just confined to my new phone, through the email set up AND browsers.  What could be causing this problem. (e.g., HTC tries to have their own yahoo URL for the email set up approach -- perhaps a bad idea -- but I wouldnt think this would affect a browser log in).  I'm rather irked!!! Spent a lot and am wasting time and not even getting a result!

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    if you can't connect with the browser - do you even have an internet connection?  are you able to view other sites?  try using the manual setup and not automatic. since automatic will try and pre-populate the standard yahoo server info which may not work for you.


    also, try a better email app - k-9 mail is free in the market. with k-9, if it still fails, you can look in the logs and see what the real issue is.