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    S3 getting 4.2 or 4.3?


      Anybody trying to follow the whole update issue has probably by now seen the multiple articles coming out saying that the S3 may actually skip 4.2 and go direct to a 4.3 update.  Given how long this has dragged out, that seems completely possible to me.  Anybody at t-mo have any info that you can even hint at as far as which and/or when?

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          Don't work for T-Mobile, but it will hit the International version first. It will come to the US anywhere from 4 to 6 months later. I would "Guess" March 2014.

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            Hey opwog! No details just yet! But, we are always working to keep phones current! Keep an eye on your device here: Software update: Samsung Galaxy S III

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              As far as keeping it current, can anything be done about the fix that is supposedly in the 4.2 version for third party keyboards always having to be reset after every restart of the phone?  It has been acknowledged that it is in that next version and it is annoying to know that there is a fix for a known problem in a version that is already out there, yet is being held back from the users probably for decisions being made in marketing.  The bells and whistles of a new version of the OS is, I understand why they want to hold that back to sell more units of some other models, but why aren't they at least pushing out the fixes.  That is just bad business to hold back fixes, just because they are conveniently bundled in a version update of new features.  If they keep going back and forth about what update they are going to push out and when they are going to do it, they should at the very least prioritize getting the fixes parsed out so that existing customers can have their phones working correctly.

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                Those are excellent suggestions opwog. We will definitely pass on your feedback to the correct team but we don't have any details on what fixes the manufacturer will have (if any) when they release the software update to T-Mobile.


                Lucinda @ T-Force

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                  Actually the problem with the keyboards was a change that Google made in Android. Google created the fix in the 4.2, but from what I have read Samsung will be skipping 4.2 and going straight to 4.3 on the S3. The US will probably get it some time after the first of the year.

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                    Well I would hope that fixes in one version are simply carried over into the following version release, just as features would. 

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                      opwog wrote:


                      Well I would hope that fixes in one version are simply carried over into the following version release, just as features would.

                      Dev's knew about the issue and could have fixed it before 4.1.2 was released on their own end, but chose to not fix it on their end.  There are multiple ways to fix it.  I posted a few of the fixes on this very forum, but met with resistance so I expect most of the people complaining about it just want the OS version increase more than a fix for the problem.  If it was really about that problem and dev's actually fixed it on their end there would be one less complaint about a bump in OS version.

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                        I saw various suggestions on here and I even saw from following posts that some fixes worked for some reason or another on some phones, but not all.  I followed the steps that several people posted on here (maybe even you), but no fixes offered on this site ever worked.  If you think that you have the ultimate fix that doesn't involve rooting my phone, please put it here and if it isn't one that I tried before, I would be happy to give it try.  I find this keyboard issue to be a huge annoyance. 

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                          The devs could implement the one I suggested and it would work on ALL phones that are on 4.1.2.  It's up to the dev of the keyboards, but they will not do it and would rather have people wait for 4.2 or higher. Any future DRM bugs will not be affected unless Google messes up and completely messes up DRM.


                          If their app is paid they could split the DRM keys via in app purchase or second download(Plume, Clockworkmod rom manager for examples).  This does two things residual income for them on advert supported, and they could strip features or set a trial period.  A lot of these keyboards have a stand alone trial app anyhow.  Now instead of maintaining 2 apps they maintain one.  So when the app loads since there is no DRM check on the start, and when you open the app it does the DRM check at that point so it will always be default.

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                            OK, I misunderstood, because I thought hat you meant a user fix.  As far as the app developers, despite not liking the issue, I do kind of side with them on this.  The app developers do not control the fact the Android OS developers have fixes that they are holding hostage, bundled in full OS version updates. Admittedly, it is a bit of a power struggle issue over who this falls on, but it is a bad precedent to set for app developers to all individually be making numerous fixes, because it could inevitably be for every version released, as well. The problem is an OS issue and while I, as an individual may try to go out of my way to fix it on my phone, the app developers should be waiting for the Andoird/Samsung/Tmobile trio to bring the fix to the users.  I am sure that this isn't the only fix sitting in the version update, either.


                            The reality is that while it may sometimes be convenient to bundle features and fixes to go live at the same time, if it becomes apparent that marketing and sales execs aren't concerning themselves with fixes for existing users, but are instead prioritizing unit sales, then somebody needs to step in and at least parse out the fixes to be pushed OTA right away.   

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                              Actually it's the developers duty to make sure their apps work as intended.  I am a developer and that's how I fixed my apps to make sure no matter what device they buy it works as intended for my customers.  I am the one getting paid to make sure it works no matter what Android version it works on.  Plume, Clockworkmod, and a slew of other developers works all across the board and even with the DRM bug they still work as intended and what you paid for.  It's a cop out to blame not getting the new OS version.

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                                And if the app didn't work as intended, you would have a point.  But that is not the case. The app works fine. The issue is the way that the OS locates the app, so that it is not accessed (or recognized) during the start-up process; hence the default to the stock keyboard because it is the only one visible to the device during start-up. 

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                                  Hate to break it to you a new update won't fix it either.

                                  It seems to be a deeper bug with android.

                                  I have the s3 on 4.1.2 the s4 on 4.2 and the one s on 4.1 and they all have the problem.

                                  I also have a sensation that is running a custom 4.3 but I haven't gotten a chance to try that one with it yet.

                                  But 4.2 won't fix it.

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                                    I think that you may be mixing up two different issues.  The issue with 4.1 is that each time that you restart your phone, the default goes back to the stock keyboard, if you have the pay version of Swiftkey (and apparnetly many other purchased keyboards).  The issue with the 4.2 upgrade is that on some phones it deletes the app completely, but is fixed by being downloaded again: Android 4.2 issue affecting some SwiftKey users


                                    Not saying that it is impossible that you are having the known 4.1 issue on a device using 4.2 (hell, anything is possible at this point), but this would be the first that I have heard that being mentioned and when trying to google the issue, is how I found that other issue for 4.2.


                                    Also, while Googling that, I do see that a few weeks ago, Swiftkey did post another option for 4.1 users: Default keyboard reset on every restart or reboot (SwiftKey disappears when I turn my phone off) – SwiftKey Customer Sup…

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