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Lack of coverage/early termination fee waiver

I’m writing to ask your assistance regarding my lack of wireless coverage from T-Mobile, for which I rely on heavily for personal and professional purposes.  I have contacted T-Mobile regarding this problem through phone calls and letters numerous times only to be assured that the problem is being corrected, when actually the problem has been getting worse since super storm Sandy.  I have formally written T-Mobile to ask for a waiver on my early termination fees due to lack of service and my need to buy service from another provider and my request was denied as they explained in their letter (enclosure) that they don’t guarantee coverage.

As you will see when researching my account, I have corresponded with T-Mobile customer service representatives, the loyalty department, service technicians, engineers, store managers as well as the consumer relations department to try to resolve this problem throughout the last 10 months.   I have even contacted (6 times) the office of the presidents and executive customer relations and have had no reply.

The issue is that there is low to no coverage in my new full-time workplace  The low-no coverage is confirmed on-T-Mobiles online coverage map.  Even in areas where their coverage map might show good coverage, it is lacking and consistently dropping calls (or not allowing them to go through).  This is also demonstrated on my lack of calls/texts on my bill, while at that address.

While I live and work in a major metropolitan area (about 16 miles from New York City) the service is in the entire area is consistently lacking with dropped calls and poor coverage.  I am not able to make/receive calls or texts as my phone displays SOS at that address.

I have even purchased a new Blackberry in an attempt to use “wi-fi calling/text” as per the advice of one of the representatives, which still didn’t allow me the use of my phone/text at the above listed address.  I have also tried 4 other cell phone brands at the advice of another representative resulting in the purchase of 3 additional phones that didn’t have service at that location.


I have been a T-Mobile customer since 1999.  I am the primary account holder for this account and have maintained it in excellent standing as I currently maintain 5 lines on this account. I am disappointed by T-Mobile’s lack of regard for its own loyal customers and its frustrating that T-Mobile isn’t responding in a reasonable business practice as they would be charging me $200.00 for each of the 5 lines that I terminate due to the Early Termination Fee. 

Currently I am paying for a service of which I am not receiving and not being accessible to my children or my senior citizen mother puts an excessive burden on my ability to be reliable personally and professionally.  

While waiving my early termination fees would easily resolve this issue as other carriers provide coverage in the area, T-Mobile is demonstrating their lack of empathy and professionalism by insisting on charging me $200.00 per line to terminate my contract.  This implies that somehow it is my fault that the cellular coverage is poor where I work and live. 

Please encourage T-Mobile to practice their business in a more reasonable and sensible manner and waive my early termination fees, as I have been a dedicated and loyal customer since 1999 and practicing professionally and rationally would actually be a wiser and more professional business choice for them.

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    T-Mobile doesn't guarantee service, and they'll only help if service changes at your HOME, not where you work.


    The reason for the ETF is primarily to recover any funds that were done through a subsidy of your device (how you got your phones for cheap-to-free).  You can always sell your devices on eBay to help pay the ETF that is being charged.


    (And, my personal opinion is if you live in an apartment and choose an apartment with poor coverage, it's your choice.  You have the option to tell the leasing office you want a different apartment, or pick another complex.  And, if you choose to work at a place with poor coverage, it's your choice.  You have the option to take a different job or stay where you were [Yes, I understand the current economy... that statement was more snarkiness].  I can still point the blame when buying a home, but I also understand the whole dream home concept and sometimes the bestest home out there is just out of range of a tower)

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    I wish I could say that the coverage is poor just at my place of employment.  It is not available at my place of employment and poor everywhere else!

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    And "poor" means there is service.  1 bar of service is all that's required to make and keep a phone call.


    The only thing that gets "better" with more bars is data connection speeds.  And, any person here will tell you that you'll get better battery life (and generally speeds) if you switch to WiFi vs 3G, regardless of how many bars you have.


    I'll go back to my original answer.  You said you've recently purchased 4 "top of the line phones" (those are my words, but an assumption based on the fact you were convinced to purchase certain new phones).  You should be able to easily sell these devices for $200 each to get your ETF.


    And, if you get them SIM Unlocked, sometimes they go for more (since only the original purchaser is allowed to unlock devices or something like that)

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    Hey randimarlo@verizon.net,


    We appreciate you for being part of our family for well over a decade, I'm concerned the service is not performing well at your job; I can understand needing to stay in touch with your family throughout your day. We do want to ensure our coverage map is accurately reflecting the service in this area, we'd like to take a closer look at this situation with you. I've sent you a private message with the details to get in touch with us, please send us an email so we can investigate the coverage further with you.



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    Hello Vanessa,

    It is best to reach me on my cell phone.

    I will be away and not have access to email through Aug 12th.

    Thank you,


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    Don't know where you live but I too have had very poor service since Sandy.  It was poor before but even worse now especially at home.  Also been a customer for many years but the company doesn't seem to care about loyalty.  So as soon as my contract is up I will be switching.

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    Wow, someone's on the payroll.

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    I have received another email asking for the last 4 digits of my social and my password to research the situation further.

    Is this a legitimate email from T-Mobile?

    please be specific on how to identifity emails/requests from T-Mobile employees.


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    I dont see anything in red

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    Yes!  TForce has responded to you and we need to verify the account before we can access your account.


    Per our disclaimer on our email, we need to delete that part from your post.





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    I have received a general letter denying my request for T-mobile to waive my early termination fee.  Is this T-Mobile's general response to my post or is this your personal response?  Also, I didnt receive any personal message from you or Vanessa. Please resend.

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    I didnt receive any personal message from you. 

    However, I did receive a letter from T-Mobile via usps denying my request to waive my early termination fee.

    Is this your reply?

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    I have the same issue for the past 12 months since moving too my new apartment. I have gone through everything to try and get the service working. Tmobile has consistantly lied to me and forced me to pay more for even less service.



    I paid into the insurance plan and used it to get a new phone having been assured by tmobile that my poor service was due too my phone. This is not the case as friends with other service providers are able too have service in my apartment while i cannot.


    I have called at least 10 times trying to get the wifi calling feature on the phones too work. It does not work. If the wifi calling worked there would be less issues. Tmobile blamed my phone for not having the wifi calling working but after getting a new phone through the insurance the wifi calling feature STILL does not work.


    I am sick and tired of being over charged for the past 12 months. as soon as my contract is done i am going too quit tmobile. till then all i have too say this past year of my 8 years with tmobile has been the worst. the lack of customer service has really been the worst of all. i have been paying 145$ a month for two lines and sometimes even had 3 lines on my account.







    Do not fall for the trap of Asurion insurance.


    When i called for insurance on the phone it was not insurance. Instead they basically sold me a phone at above market price. The way they achieved this was by trying too force me to send in my old phone otherwise they would charge me an additional 100$. I already paid 350$ for my phone and got a 2 year contract with it. You can get an iphone 5s with verizon for 50$ with a contract now. What a ripoff tmobile has been with their insurance plan. Now that their service is complete garbage and making me lose money and time its pointless too even try anything other then begging them too let me cancel my contract early. The usual that they give me is "write a letter too corporate".

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