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        Hi bcbrown has contacted stating that if you  turn on the USB debugging  this could very well solve the problem .  At the moment it has worked for him/her

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          Hi again phatcorns has emailed HTC and placed the problem on their forum .

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            bcbrown said that although it seemed to fix it at first, his problems have started back up.  It's worth a shot for other people to try it though.  I've had two restarts so far today.

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              Hi bcbrown has contacted the HTC forum . hopefully he/she will receive a satisfactory reply to the problem

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                Sorry phatcorns has contacted the HTC forum .

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                  Realy 2 a day is 2 to many . Hope you get a fully  satisfactory  problem solving response  from them  A lot of companys state that if you still  have problems contact them on (0845 ) chargeable number . That is not satisfactory  when it is a common factory developed fault .

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                    I tried the USB debugging route and it has not solved the problem. I got a note from HTC (to whom I complained) suggesting running in Safe Mode, which I will now try. Here is how to run safe mode:


                    Turn device off

                    Press power button.

                    When device starts press and keep holding Volume Down until "HTC Quetly Brilliant" appears.

                    Keep holding Volume Down but also press and hold the Menu indicator.


                    You should then get a three quick vibration signal, and there should be a "Safe Mode" indicator at the bottom of the screen.


                    I've not done this yer... just reporting on this. I also see that HTC is aware of the prob and working on a patch.... So this is for real.

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                      Hope this does solve the problem  phatcorns has contacted them also . He has had a sort of reply  . But from memory  he/she did not receive the same as you

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                        I did that...USB...it continued and slowed phone down. Hooked up to puter & windows and Mozilla can't find driver. I took out sd card too, which is new after last wildfire replaced and still doing it! Tmobile says Angry Birds is culprit...nope.
                        Tried safe mode too!
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                          Hi on page 2 of this forum phatcorns  01 SEPT 2011  7-33PM  received a reply from HTC . Maybe you can try what they sujested  . There is also a phone number and name to contact .

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                            Just posting that no update has come yet.  I am still getting restarts and still sending the reports into HTC when my phone prompts me.  Please make sure everyone who gets them do the same.

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                              I just got a replacement phone from T-Mobile this morning. Same problem. It has "reset" once since I charged it and began using it... while it was sitting unused, I just get the exclamation point notification in the top bar.


                              This is clearly a problem in the model and the firmware. Hope an update comes soon. I've only once had it do this when I was actually using the phone, but that was at a very inconvenient time!

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                                Yup, same issue that I have.  I got a replacement and the same thing kept happening.  It's only happened when I'm using applications like youtube, facebook, or the web browser.  Fortunately it's never happened to me while on the phone or when text messaging.


                                It also happens a lot when I'm not using the phone at all, as you said.

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                                  Hi as phatcorns sujests just keep sending in reports to HTC  An update should be submitted  to all who have sent emails to HTC . this is a regular problem .

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                                    Lots of restarts as usual, just had my first restart while sending a text message.  It's been the only time so far where I've really been inconvenienced.  Really hoping for a fix.