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    Blocking a certain number..

      Is it possible to block a specific number/s from contacting you? (calls/texts etc)

      Would the person trying to contact you get a message that they cannot send a message to you or would it appear that it's been sent and delivered?

      If there is an option, is it possible to do it on t-mobile's website, or on the phone, or do you have to call the customer service?

      Does it cost anything?

      Is it easy to take a certain number off the block list?

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          ther would be an option if you have a postpaid account FAMILY ALLOWANCE feature you can get to know more kindly follow this pages home > support > plans & service > documents > family allowance and mobilelife index

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            There is two ways to block incoming numbers, from server
            level (t-Mobile) then the person of interest will know that you blocked
            incoming calls from that specific number because t mo will put recording
            "person you trying to reach has blocked incoming calls" or something
            like that. Second way from your device add number to contact list then tap the contact
            and hold until menu pups up , select add to reject list and done, every time that person calls will be redirected
            to voicemail and won't know that you blocking anything. To remove number from rejected list go to contact tap menu and select remove from rejected list.