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    Prepaid Apple iPhone 5 (sold at Best Buy and Walmart)


      Hi all.  I'm new to the forums and a long-time prepaid T-Mobile customer.


      I have been considering purchasing the prepaid Apple iPhone 5 through T-Mobile that is currently being sold at Walmart and Best Buy and I have a question before I make my purchase.


      I have been to another message forum where someone told me I could buy the pay-as-you-go prepaid minutes for the phone but when I asked about a data plan where I could use the internet on the phone, they told me that T-Mobile does not have a data plan for the prepaid option and that I could only buy minutes to use for texting and phone calls.  My question is this - is there a prepaid data plan I can purchase that is pay-as-you-go along with the minutes, or is the prepaid option good for buying minutes for the iPhone only?


      Any advice I can get from other people who have the new prepaid iPhone would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your help.