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    Samsung Galaxy S4 forgets wifi networks with hidden SSIDs

      So me and others have many devices on our home wifi network that doesn't broadcast its SSID.  Playstation 3's, iPads, iPhones, 3DSs, Galaxy Nexus, and even an HTC One.. none of them have any problems connecting to our wifi network even though it doesn't broadcast its SSID.


      My new Samsung Galaxy S4?  It's constantly forgetting both the home and work wifi network, and neither one broadcast their SSID.  I'm constantly having to type in the SSID and password manually every 2-3 days and it's frustrating beyond belief.  (I believe it may be releated to when the phone is reset because it's not EVERY day... but still often enough to be annoying as hell.)  Why does every freaking device except a Samsung Galaxy S4 capable of dealing with a wifi that doesn't broadcast its SSID?