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    can i pay off my phone early

      If I just ordered a phone and I'm suppose to pay $20 a month to pay for the phone.  Can I pay additional payments to pay off the remainder balance of my phone?

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          Unless u pay off the

          phone completely

          U will just lower the payments

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            I think that you can pay it off in full at any time, but I'm not so sure about just making additional payments.

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              To pay payments for your pjone u have to eothrr go to my tmobile

              Select paying off phone

              Or call into customer servoce and tell

              Them its for phone payment

              Otherwise it will just credit to ur acct

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                It is confusing. On MyTmobile under the make payment section in the left column you can click on the 'Pay Bill' link to make a payment on your bill but there is also a 'Pay Equipment Plan' link to make a payment on the handset. It does warn you that extra payments will be credited to your bill. I have made payments totalling $95 dollars towards my phone and it has come off the balance for the handset and has shortened my pay off time to 20 months. BUT I've also know my overall account/phone bill balance has decreased too (that's the confusing part). SO it appears you can make extra payments on the handset/phone. It wont make your monthly payment ($20) change but will change the length of time you have to pay on the handset/phone. BTW the first month I had my new phone I paid $75 extra towards the handset/phone and on my bill this month it should up as and extra services charge making my bill $75 MORE than it should be! I called CS and they acknowledged a problem with their bill system and the new EIP. Hopefully, next month they will have it ironed out.

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                  Its good to know it shortens the pay off timensince they said it wouldnt

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                    Ya that's what the site says and it makes it confusing but my number of payments went down. If the number of payments didn't decrease I would be at 22 payments left rather the my current 20 payments left.

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                      Hi nikkielynn,


                      It sounds like you've got a good grip on how to make the payment. I wanted to help you to know what's happening when you paid $95 and noticed a decrease in your balance due.


                      When you make a payment for your device, the payment applies first to the portion of the current bill that comes from the installment plan. For example, let's say your bill is $100 and you have a $20 EIP payment. You paid $95, so the first $20 went to the payment that's due this month, and the remaining $75 posts towards the total of the installment plan and decreases the number of payments that you'll have to make. If your account has a past due balance, the payment you make would apply first to the past due portion and then to the end of your installment plan.


                      And here's some additional information about the installment plan payments: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-5750


                      Let us know if you have any other questions.