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Wi-Fi Calling

I understand it has replaced UMA however some handsets (i presume BlackBerry) still support UMA.


I guess my main questions are

1 - Is Wi-Fi calling an App - what's the technology if it isn't UMA

2 - With Wi-Fi calling (without UMA) Will the call drop if switching between Wi-Fi and cellular and vice versa.


The Wi-Fi Calling webpage contains the following small print "Except for UMA devices, device will not transition between Wi-Fi and the wireless network."


It leads me to believe there is no seamless hand over to the cellular network


The Nokia Lumia 512 - offers 3 settings - Wi-Fi preferred, Cellular Preferred and Wi-Fi Only.  Is there any hand over in the Wi-Fi preferred or Cellular preferred scenario - will the call drop if a Wi-Fi preferred call looses Wi-Fi but there is cellular coverage available ?


One last related question - Does T-Mobile offer public Wi-Fi like AT&T ?


Thanks for you help.