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    Samsung Galaxy S2: Not registered on Network.

      I need help I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I haven't been able to call or send messages. This been going on for days now and I called T-Mobile like 5 times and they didn't do anything. They just had me wait until a time they said the phone will "unlock". I called Insurance and they refused to send me another phone. T-Mobile blamed the Insurance and the insurance blamed T-Mobile. What are some solutions to this problem? I also went to T-Mobile and they said they can't do anything and I just have to wait.After I waited pass the time they gave me the phone still won't register on network. I already tried everything in settings. I've tried registering on the T-Mobile network but it says can't connect I even tried to register on the AT&T network and still won't register. I need the phone fixed right now.