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Which phones have HD Voice?

About two months ago this same question came up and was answered here:

Phones with HD Voice?

That page links to the T-Mobile support page on HD Voice here:

HD Voice


But the problem is that page still only lists 3 phones that are supported: Samsung Galaxy S 3, HTC One S, and Nokia Astound.


There are many newer phones that are supposed to support HD Voice on T-Mobile: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S 4, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nokia Lumia 521, Blackberry Q10, Blackberry Z10, Sony Xperia Z


... yet those phones aren't listed on the HD Voice support page. So where can we actually find a reliable list of all the HD Voice capable phones?


Also, is there a difference in whether you get HD Voice if you bringing your own unlocked phone (assuming it's one of the supported models) versus buying it from T-mobile? I'd hate to bring my own unlocked phone only to find out that somehow that means I won't get HD Voice support.


Furthermore, the Google Nexus 4 hardware supports AMR-WB (the implementation of HD Voice that T-Mobile uses), but I can't find any evidence on the internet that this phone actually gets HD Voice on T-Mobile US. Is there a reason why it's not supported?


I'd love to switch to T-Mobile but they're making it hard for me to make 100% sure I get a device that will support HD Voice.

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    Forget the voice most likely  will have problems w data unless u r in a refarmed.lte area

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    Google DID NOT implement everything for HD Voice. There is already another thread to this. It may support part of the protocol doesn't mean it can do it. T-Mobile open sourced a lot of things which Google hasn't fully implemented. Like WiFi calling, HD voice, and such. You need to talk to Google about why they didn't fully implemented these features.

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    As far as what devices support it one person just needs to search through with HD being a requirement. It would list all the devices supported.

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    These two posts are at least some confirmation that the Nexus 4 supports HD Voice:

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [Q] HD Voice support?

    xda-developers - View Single Post - Hd voice call


    The first link is from someone on the Three network in the UK, and the second link is from someone on the Rogers network in Canada. So it seems like the phone is capable of supporting it. My guess is that T-mobile just isn't making it happen for some reason.


    As for making a list, I agree, the only way I can see the phones that support it is by checking the HD Voice box in the phone search. But my point is that will only show you the phones they currently sell. There will be some discontinued phones that should support HD Voice. Which is why they should list all capable phones on that support page I linked originally.


    Oh, and shouldn't the HTC One be listed when you sort by HD Voice phones? I didn't see it there.

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    I have yet to hear HD Vocie from the Nexus 4, and HTC One.  FYI if you call a different carrier it would still work if they supported it.  I have friends that use Rogers, and Three and they also have Nexus devices.  I get better call quality on my Note 2's.  IF you search through Google Groups you will see various posts of it not working or asking if it does.  This is a good rule of thumb.  If you ask the manufacturer and they don't give you an answer expect it to be "it doesn't support it."


    The fact you linked XDA gives me reason to believe they are using custom roms which may have enabled HD Voice.

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    Hi apcrum,


    We would love to have you join us here at T-Mobile! The document you referenced about HD Voice has not been updates. The phones that we currently have that support HD calling are as follows:


    • Samsung Galaxy S 3
    • Samsung Galaxy S 4
    • Samsung Galaxy Note II
    • HTC One S
    • Nokia Astound
    • Nokia Lumia 521
    • Apple iPhone 5 - 16GB
    • Apple iPhone 5 - 32GB
    • Apple iPhone 5 - 64GB
    • Blackberry Q10


    If the phone you are bringing over uses Wideband Adaptive Multi-Rate (Wideband AMR or WB-AMR), the HD voice feature will work on our network.

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    Thanks, Alicia!


    The HTC One (not the "One S") isn't on that list

    Is it not supported?

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    BB z10 should be on the list.  I just received my first call in HD voice today.  The quality was spectacular!

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    I ended up getting an HTC One on T-Mobile. HD Voice is supported, as I thought it would be. T-Mobile needs to fix their website so that the HTC One is listed when the HD Voice feature is checked.