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Why do I have to change my APN to epc.tmobile in order to get the speeds that HSPA+ is meant to deliver? Did T-mobile drop the ball somewhere, when they decided to make fast.t-mobile.com the default APN, on 4G lte phones?. 


Does anyone see a problem with this?  Think about it, if you have the "fast.tmobile" selected as in my case, than the speeds are mediocre, but on the other hand, it's the only way to get lte once it's live in the area. If you select the "epc" APN you get faster speeds, but you will not get lte once it's live in your area. (Correct me if I'm wrong on this last statement).  So... The day you are in an LTE area and you fall back onto HSPA+, it's going to be slower than a snail, because of the settings within the default APN. Is this an HTC issue or T-mobile?

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