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    Iphone 5 Unlock help

      So i got My I hone 5 with a contract with T mobile but I have to finance it for 2 years.

      So when i bought my phone I told the person I am going out of country and the rep. told me to suspend my line and request a unlock code after using the phone for 40 days. (i have a postpaid service) so I left out of country for the vacations and i came here and i requested an unlock code and they say I have to finance my phone for atleast 18 months to qualify and i told him i was told 40 days. If i knew about 18 months i would have went ahead and bought it straight from the apple store unlocked. Now i was wondering If i unlock it here out of country and go back to the US and use my same sim card with t-mobile is it okay? is it illegal or something because i am not switching carreirs i just want to use my phone out of the US because i was told i can and now they change their policy and expect me to go along with it. I bought the phone when the old policy was working. So can i unlock my phone here? is it okay?


      I think i was lied to in order to buy the phone through them. this is a scam and a con..

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          No tell them u need the unlock for overseas travel and u can get the code

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            Hi momal1,


            In order to get an unlock code from T-Mobile, you will have to meet the requirements found here: Unlock your mobile wireless device. If you do not meet those requirements, and want to get your device unlocked by a 3rd party, you have the option to do so. Once you return to the US, you will not have any problems using your device, with your old T-Mobile SIM.

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              I'm qualified to unlock my phone; sent Tmobile my IMEI code and received the instructions:

              hours after receiving this email please follow the below instructions for
              unlocking your T-Mobile iPhone device.

              1. Perform a backup (we suggest backing up through iCloud backup, however
              iTunes backup will work if you haven't setup iCloud)

              2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes

              o Important: This step must be performed using the USB cable connected to your
              PC or Mac in order to trigger the process.

              3. Within a few minutes, a screen will appear, "Congratulations, your
              iPhone has been unlocked".

              4. The device is now unlocked. You may now insert any non T-Mobile SIM card
              into the iPhone.

              If the above steps do not work, then the 'restore device' process must be
              completed and an iTunes activation completed. In the re-activation of the
              device, the device unlock will be pulled down once activation is complete.


              But I never see "Congratulations, ..." and with new SIM card, the device always complains "invalid sm card", what shall I do next?


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                There has been posted that some people are having trouble unlocking their iphones somehow the request doesnt go thru from tmobile to apple

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                  I agree with first one.

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                    Nomal1:  tmobile had a policy of 40 days of service (or 2 monthly biling cycles). Subsequently they changed that to say that the phone must be paid in full if under EIP.


                    You have some options.

                    1) You may be able to return the phone purchased under EIP during a certain time frame for a full refund from tmobile. Google "tmobile EIP lawsuit". Then buy an unlocked phone directly from APPLE. It will come with a t-mobile SIM installed.

                    2) Buy an online unlock code as suggested.

                    3) Pay the full balance on the phone and have it unlocked by t-mo.

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                      if u are going overseas they will unlock ur phone