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    Lumia 521 no mobile Internet, no mms

      Hi guys,

      My dad just bought a new Lumia 521, and I was trying to set it up for him. He upgraded his Tmo account to one of the new plans that includes data, and I went into his account and changed the SIM card to the one that came with the 521. He can make and recieve calls and text messages, but the phone can't connect to the Internet, nor can it send or recieve MMS messages. I changed the APN to internet2.voicestream.com, but the phone will still not connect to the Internet nor will it download MMS messages. The phone does show 2G in the status bar, which is normal as Tmo only has edge coverage in our area.


      Can someone tell me what APN settings to use? I've tried epic.tmobile.com wap.voicestream.com and internet2.voicestream.com all to no avail. When I used epc.tmobile.com the phone did at least give the opportunity to download an MMS, but nothing happened.





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