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HTC Inspire Unlocks AT&T Phone APN Settings for AT&T

I recently purchased an unlocked HTC Inspire on AT&T on Amazon as I was tired of the prepaid phone selection that T Mobile offers.  Anyways I just put my T Mobile SIM in the phone and all worked great.  I however had to set up the APN for data to be used through customer service.  For some reason my service must be sporadic in that it switches from AT&T and T Mobile when I loose all bars.  It may be on T Mobile service and than when all bars are gone the AT&T will take over and Vice verse.  Anyways my T Mobile data will not work when the AT&T is being used.  I tried entering an APN for AT&T though various websites and was able to get it to work for a short time, but than it stopped and the APN was gone.  Only the t mobile was still listed.  I went back to the website and entered the information exactly as it showed and with trial and error as soon as I changed the MNC setting and went to save the APN it said "Saving" and still the T Mobile one was the only one showing up.  Can anyone help with this as it is a pain to activate the t mobile network all the time as it seems that the AT&T network is stronger and is the default most of the time (and yes my service with T Mobile works when this happens).  Here is the website I found the information from Internet Settings / APN Settings / MMS Settings


If you scroll about half way down to the United States for the AT&T network these are the settings I used:


Name: AT&T

APN: pta






MMSC: http://mmsc.mobile.att.net/

MMS Proxy: proxy.mobile.att.net

MMS Port: 80

MCC: 310

MNC: 410

Authentication Type:

APN  Type: default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri

APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

APN  Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6



Please help thanks