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    No one can't hear me unless I use it in speakerphone

      I Purchased my phone 22 days ago unfortunately for Me!  the warranty in Florida is for 20 days only, and since yesterday was Memorial Day I pass my full refund time by 24 hours no one told me that! I though I had at least 30 days but no. It is only for California. It's been so frustrating  I can't use my cellphone because no one cant hear me, people said that it sound far far away or with static or muffled so I have to either use my phone in speakerphone or use my house phone. Tmobile wanted me to Master reset. What a waiste of time it didn't work also they offer me a refurbished phone when I haven't finish paying  $500 on this phone. Thank god I have Ins and it will only cost me $5 to get the other phone, but just the fact that I am getting an old phone makes me really upset I wish I can fix it tomorrow I will contact HTC to see what they say but if someone have any suggestion it will be great. thanks.