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    How do I save apps to the SD card on the Optimus L9?

      So. I enjoy my LG Optimus L9 (more so since I got Jelly Bean -- thanks for that, y'all at t-mo, and thanks even more for nuking Carrier IQ) but since I got it in December there's one thing that's really been bugging me. From what I understand, it's a matter of LG being ~~~special~~~, but I figured I'd ask here just to be absolutely sure.


      I have an 8gig SD card in my phone, but I can't save apps (or anything but media, and then only if a standard app created said media) to it because somebody at LG decided it was a good idea to make /sdcard/ point to the phone's internal memory and /sdcard/external_sd/ point to the external SD card. Which means I have like 5 gigabytes of space on my phone that I'm essentially completely unable to use. And that sucks, for reasons that I should hope are obvious.


      The only solutions I've found online involve rooting my phone, which I would really rather not do if I could avoid it. So: are there any solutions to this that don't involve rooting my phone? If so, what? If not, why?


      I'm hoping that since the JB update there's some completely obvious thing I'm missing.