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    T-Mobile APN & MMS Settings Revert on iPhone 4

      I have followed the instructions set forth here: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2383# to configure propoer APN and MMS settings on my iPhone 4.


      I have been an iPhone user on T-Mobile for about 4 years, begrudgingly using the EDGE network the whole time.


      I was happy to FINALLY get something faster than EDGE on my iPhone so I could stop relying on my 4G hotspot to accomplish anything on it, but have noticed that occasionally my iPhone will switch from fast.t-mobile.com to epc.tmobile.com. 


      I know this because I will notice that I am in an area normally giving me 3G speeds, but by phone reflects EDGE.  I then go into Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network -> and APN and MMS will say epc.t-mobile.com.


      Why would it just switch on its own??