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Issues with Lifeline discount


Good afternoon:


I am an Indiana Resident. 


I am on the Simple Choice Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text plan with unlimited 4g added on.


I am having issues getting the lifeline discount that I qualify for on my account.  I keep getting told that they can't add it to my account.


I know there are IN-reach plans, but I wish to keep my plan and have the discount applied to my line.  I do not wish to have IN-reach.

From everything I've read and researched this should not be a problem to get the $10 monthly credit applied to my account.  I've checked online with the FCC, to the State of Indiana, to T-Mobile's own site and it all seems consistent as I have tried to explain below.

Again, T-Mobile's own brochures and literature explain that this can be done, but most customer service representatives think it cannot be done.



  • Please refer to this:

Discount Cell Phone Services | Lifeline & Link Up Programs | T-Mobile


Lifeline and Link Up FAQs

How much can I save under the Lifeline and Link Up programs?

The Lifeline program can save qualified T-Mobile customers up to $13.50 per month. Qualified residents of Federally Recognized Tribal Lands may receive service for as little as $1 per month."



The first line of the PDF from the T-Mobile site states:


Save money with Lifeline

T-Mobile® customers in Indiana may be eligible to

receive $10 per month off of their wireless service when

they qualify for the government’s Lifeline program." 

There is no mention of a restriction of being on a particular postpaid plan here.  I see no reason why my plan would be restricted..


I am still baffled as to why this is an issue and why I am getting inconsistent and mis-communication.   From' the FCC's website it even states that Lifeline is a credit that is applied to your account (look below)



The federal universal service low-income program provides discounts on telephone installation and monthly telephone service to qualifying consumers. There are two programs available to qualified low-income consumers:

  • Lifeline provides discounts on basic monthly phone service (wireline or wireless) for qualified subscribers. These discounts can be up to $10.00 per month, depending on the state.
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