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Email Forwarding to TmoMail.net


Hi, I am trying to set up a forwarding rule for my Gmail Account to SMS <xxxxxxxxxx>@tmomail.net



I can send or forward emails to the SMS address above without issue MANUALLY.  However, when I send from an application using a comcast mail account (need to use this because it supports port 25) to the GMAIL account - it does not work.


It is unfortunate because I am able to use the same steps above and send to an AT&T user <xxxxxxxxxx>@txt.att.net


NOTE: I can see these messages leaving our mail system to TMOMAIL.NET through the forward rule.  No NDR messages are received.



Does tmomail.net block PORT 25?  Is SPF checking used?


I'm new to the site, but cannot find much information related to the SMS mail restrictions/limitations.  If anyone has any links that may assist with that information?  I have seen the character and other basic troubleshooting docs but cannot determine the connection issues I am experiencing.  Thank you,