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SIM Subsidy Unlock Policy Still Horrible For Prepaid Users


Below is the response from the T-Mobile SIM Unlock Team for my recent SIM Subsidy Unlock Request:


T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
Sim Unlock Reference:  XXXXXX

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM Unlock Request. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time. The account must meet the following criteria:

1. 60 days of active usage on device
2. Must have $50.01 or more in accumulative refills since activation.

Please submit a new SIM Unlock Request once the subscriber has met the Eligibility criteria.

Thank You,

Sim Unlock Department
T-Mobile USA, Inc.



It would appear T-Mobile has completely overreacted to their own Un-Carrier changes by enacting some seriously RESTRICTIVE, ARBITRARY, and PUNITIVE SIM Unlocking polices.  Why in the world should I need to show 60 days of IMEI usage for a device I own outright given the other policy rules:


1) Account Active for 60 Days

2) 50.01 In Accumulative Refills

3) One Unlock Per 90 Days


Remember that this is a device I own free and clear; no balance owed to T-Mobile.  With the one unlock per 90 days restriction it's not as though I could unlock two phones in a week.  Why this horrible 60-day usage requirement?  It makes no sense.  T-Mobile also checks the IMEI agains the Lost, Stolen, Blocked lists before unlocking.  It seems this rule is meant just to be obstructive.  The old rule for usage was a couple days, enough to show that the device is indeed being used on the account.  I'm leaving on a trip in three weeks and I'll also be leaving T-Mobile if they don't fix this policy before then.  Thoughts?