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Can't receive texts from short code numbers.....

A few months ago I called T-Mobile about a charge from a service that we did not sign up for. They explained it to me and told me what I needed to do to see about getting a refund. In the process I asked if I could block those types of advertisements from coming through to our phones and resulting in paid services that we did not want. The rep explained that she could block all short codes and this would prevent this. I explained to her that I did not want to block them all because there were services (free) that we did use that came from those types of numbers. I did not want the block. It took a while to realize this, but shortly after the new year we noticed that we were not receiving our text messages from those services. Nothing we did would allow those messages to come through. Well I called 611 and they looked, after I had to explain the situation over and over and over (etc) again, and said that there was no block on short codes on any of our three lines.


I was slightly inclined to believe them so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and figured maybe the problem was with the service(s). Well today I tried to sign up for a new short code service (free), partly because I wanted to and partly to test a theory  Well I got the same error I have been getting "Service access denied".


I am getting very tired of this run around! Is there a direct number to the department that handles this service? Is there a representative on here that can actually figure out what is going on?!




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