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Galaxy S4 Back Ordered with No ETA!!!


I have been checking the website on a daily basis for several weeks now trying to order either the HTC one or the Galaxy S4.  I kept deciding not to order either due to the fact that both said they were on back order and did not have any estimated ship date.  I even checked with customer service once who told me the HTC One was available and yet when I went online to order right after, it was in fact on back order!  I called a local tmobile store this weekend to ask if they had any s4s available.  I was told no but that they could ship it to me and since I live in Kentucky and they are shipping from Louisville Kentucky i would receive it in 1-2 days. I went into the store and purchased the phone based on this information.  My order # is 197323842.  Now however I received an email stating that the phone is on back order with no estimated time for it to be available.  I do not see how this is phone is scheduled to be available in stores nationwide on 5/15, yet you all have none available and no information as to when they will be available.  It seems as though T-Mobile as a company has no idea what they are doing in relation to releasing two of the most anticipated phones of this year!!!  This is very poor service and extremely frustrating.  I never thought it would be this hard to purchase a $630 phone, especially when I could go to another provider (such as AT&T) and have either of these phone in my hand immediately.  Hopefully you can be of some assistance to me.





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    Try here I ordered just the phone with no plan and they had plenty in stock.http://wireless.newegg.com/eCommerce/SpecialOffer.aspx?cid=35159_30c7ffae6eb848a19e15a1d589a46731. I did have them send me a white one instead of a black one that I ordered but they are sending me the right color now.

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    "Frustrated" Drew,


    Have you called 611 to purchase the phone?  Or did you just go to the stores, because I purchased my S4 on May 1st and got it next day air.  I don't know if things have changed since then, but I know the stores have had a lot of issues with push-backs and delays.  However customer service seems to have plenty of them.  I would suggest, if you feel comfortable, purchasing it over the phone.  If there is no luck, I'm sure they will have the device you want soon, which trust me isn't the HTC One. 


    Best of Luck,

    Happy Dan

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    well, I understand the waiting  game. I'm very nervous about ordering online, it's much easier for me if any problems with phone to just go to the store. so I  have  been holding off on ordering the s4.I  have seen from a t-mobile rep on these forms, on Facebook, twitter  that all stores will have them in stock tomorrow Wed 15.I'm going to go and hope they are correct because I definitely do not live in a major city Youngstown Ohio area.

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    I orders my Galaxy 4 on Saturday at the store told me it would be here Wednesday got a text message saying it was on back order. Called customer service and they said it should be in stock on the 15th but they are not sure. Smh and crossing my fingers.

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    so when they said it should be in stock tomorrow, did they mean they should be able to fulfill online back orders tomorrow or do you think it is just a generic answer from a customer service who has no idea what is going on as much as the rest of them?

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    i chose the down payment with monthly payment option so I wouldn't be able to order from newegg right? How can newegg have tmobiles phones but tmobile doesn't? So unorganized!

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    Customer service told me after placing my order that they all ship from the same place regardless of being ordered online, over the phone, or in stores.  one thing I did read online which I found disturbing was that tmobile is shipping s4 orders immediately for new tmobile customers and yet back ordering for existing customers.  If this is true that would be a good way to lose loyal customers.  why is it you say I wouldn't want the htc one?


    More frustrated drew

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    Thanks to everyone for their response.  I do however find it hilarious and quite a coincidence that official T Mobile representatives seem to be ignoring all comments on here from customers regarding delays, lead time, and the overall terrible customer service that people have been experiencing due to the delay in obtaining their phones.  It must be that 

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    I was not sure if you chose the down payment option. I just chose to order there since I knew T-Mobile was having problems with their stock of S4's and I needed the phone by Friday.My contract is up with Verizon on Thursday. I was going to pay in full anyways so it was not a huge deal for me. The only problem I have had so far is they sent the wrong color as I mentioned. When I called my store they said they might get phones Wednesday the 15th but they were not 100% sure. I hope that you are able to get you phone soon or at least an answer to what is going on. It is never good when support does not answer, but they cant until they actually have an answer.

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    Yeah unfortunately I am not in the position to pay the full $600 up front or I would do so just to get my phone ASAP!!  I know they cannot give an answer until they have one, my issue with it is that they should have had these answers way before the phone was set to be released.

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    I am having the same issue. I placed my order on 5/3. until today, it has been cancelled twice. I have spoken with 3 supervisors (1 over the phone) Live Chat, and called them also. As of today, my 3rd order shows backordered with no ETA. (A week after my phone numbers has been port forwarded to T-Mobile.) Which I do not understand. Aren't I suppose to get the phones first?


    I just switched over from Verizon of 5 years to T-Mobile and I am already experiencing this issue. What other posters said about new customers get shipped right away isn't true. I placed my order on 5/3, and my phones got ported the following Monday. Nothing states that my phone will be backordered now my previous services has been disrupted and didn't have a phone for a week. I am now on a "Loaner" phone. Being charged the monthly bill on 6/2 for phones I do not have. I do not understand how the T-Mobile site outlines "The next big thing is HERE" and "add to cart" while they do not have the phone. and they quickly take my deposit funds. If I have known this problem would happen, I would have continued to be an unhappy customer of my previous cellphone carrier. You can place order now over and over and they will put you on backorder. They should fix that so people like me do not make this mistake. As of today, I still do not have my phone, My numbers has been ported to T-Mobile on 5/6 and didn't have a phone for a while and I have a huge bill to pay up front plus the $150 they charge me for the billing cycle this month for a phone I didn't even physical have or use.

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    Call a rep you should not have bben charged til the phone shipped




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    I thought that they port numbers over only when you have your phone. I would make sure that they give you something in return for all this trouble. Newegg waved the shipping cost for me since they sent me the wrong color. Best you can do I guess is check your local stores tomorrow and see if they have any in or give them a call.

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    I haven't been charged on the phones yet. but I see my bill due.

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