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My Phone is not reading the SIM Card

I had this problem about a year ago and support finally gave up and told me I would need to replace the phone. A day later it started working again. It's been working without a problem for about a year. A couple of weeks ago I tried inserting a different SIM card from a different phone to see if it would work with my Galaxy S. It worked fine. When I put my SIM card back in my phone, the phone couldn't read the SIM card. I tried the SIM card in another phone and it works fine. I have tried the SIM card several times but it never works in the Galaxy S phone.

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    Hello rwold,


    This sounds like the device's SIM card contacts aren't registering the SIM card any longer, since the SIM works well with other devices. Can you check your SIM card slot and make sure it's clean and the contacts are shiny? (Some devices SIM card slot is hidden so this may not work right for you) Is it possible for you to test a different SIM card in your Galaxy S to see if that helps?