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merchant error/collection agency

Dear UnionBank,


This is all about T-mobile charged me twice to my order and the reason why I was overdrawn.

I've been trying to order a web only deal  since the 6th of march. I have called tmobile 18006725390 on 3/6/13 9:37pm for 1h 7m and had used my mastercard. Unsuccessfully the order didn't go through, I was left with a confirmation# and try my luck on the next day.


On the next day 7th of march I called again multiple times but again unfortunately my order couldn't go through after giving my MasterCard details and was told the offline department supervisor would key in my order and they would notify me 24-48 hours. I called 18006725390 three times on 11:35am for 9m, 4:39pm for 4m and 6:35pm for 6m. Also used this number 18009378997 once 5:02pm for 4m.


On march 9th I called 18006725390 at 10:53 for 13m. I was told offline department didn't key in my order and that it was close on Sunday and to try back on monday.


Monday march 11th I called 3:38 pm for 1h 33m and referred to my confirmation# from the 6th and told her my problem. I gave my MasterCard details again and was told to keep waiting and waiting. The sales rep insisted give them my call back number concerning the order but I never got a call back. The last call i made 18008662453 for 52m got my order and new confirmation#.


On Thrusday the 14th I received my order but i still had to fix it cause my area code was wrong and my plan. Anyways I tried using my MasterCard but was denied at a fast food restaurant. And this is the moment we found out that T mobile charged us twice.


Friday march 15th I called T mobile about the charges that they made was twice.I was transferred to a manager or supervisor and was told my old confirmation# number didn't exist but my current one did. They didn't see a second invoice which i explained it was two transactions, one on 3/14/13 for $215.98 and same day for $56.00 both totally to $271.98. She told to just file a claim which I did right after.


I called tmobile next day or so to get the bottom line of this problem. They admitted they had made a mistake and that they would reimburse me within 4-5 days.


After seeing my account I could see that the first charges on 3/12/13 for $271.98 was removed. I hope the overdrawn charges will be removed.


unfortunately i was denied since it was authorized, i would have to dispute it with tmobile. in the process of waiting a decision from my bank, i got my first monthly statement, i received two accounts which i couldn't believe. i called about the second account and about phones i didn't receive. they said the offline handset research team will validate weather or not i have them and that my overdraft would be taken care of after. well it's been a month and too many days promises made by customer service that they'll call me back, all lies. the last time i called i was transferred through 3 different operators and a fourth i hung up. thats when i choose'd chat support which seems where i can get solid help from someone that knows how to do there job plus chattranscript. i chatted about my situation and the suspension letter from april 28, it takes 30-60 days before collection. it's good they keep notes on the account, thank you sales department. so now that i wait 72 hours after they emailed handset team they'll let me know through my email. i havn't got anything. and i'm afraid my credit will look bad cause of tmobile top notch services. oh and about the order invoice notification conf#, it didn't match up with sales.

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    Hi swatc1h,


    We are sorry to see you have to go through this to get what you needed/wanted. Your time is valuable, and we can see you have invested alot of time to make things right. If you are not able to get the answers and assistance you need thru the e-mail you are waiting for, please contact T-Force. I am sending you a private message just in case.