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    Anyone else having service issues?!

      Okay so I am currently using an unlocked AT&T iphone 4 16gb on the T-Mobile network.

      Over the last few months I have been experiencing HORRIBLE signal problems on the phone. It CONSTANTLY goes to "searching" and then to "no service". This happens MULTIPLE times a day, at many different locations. Also, if I put my phone in my pocket or a bag, it instantly looses service. This is SO annoying. The only way I can sometimes get the service back on my phone is to go to the settings and turn airplane mode on/off until it comes back.

      Is there anyone else having these same problems?! I have used this iPhone with T-Mobile since August, and never had a problem with it until recently! I don't know whats going on! My phone is in perfect condition and has no problems besides the signal. I also noticed it seemed to get worse once T-Mobile got the iPhone 5.

      It is currently on

      IOS: 6.1.3

      Carrier: T-Mobile 14.1

      I live in Las Vegas, Nevada as well.

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          Hi kimboweenie,


          Signal fluctuations can cause some challenges when using the service. It sounds like you used to have better reception than you've been getting, which leads us to believe that there is something in the network that is causing this to happen. As you may have heard Las Vegas is one of our LTE enhanced areas, and sometimes there will be maintenance which can affect your signal strength. But, we do definitely want to take a look and see what is going on. Please contact us when you have time so that we can look closer at our network and your device.

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            I just switched over from ATT too, i have the iphone 4.  I am having the SAME experience as you and I live in the Midwest, Wisconsin, and we supposedly have really good service here so I DO NOT believe it's the area you are in.  I am currently seeking help in resolving this issue.  I am planning on going back to ATT if these issues are not resolved soon, please let me know if you find anything that works.

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              Hello! Okay so I tried EVERYTHING to fix the service issues with my unlocked iPhone 4, and nothing worked. At all.

              So I decided to go into T-Mobile and buy the iPhone 5 from them. I love it! I haven't had a single service issue since I switched to the 5. I also get 4g and LTE. If you want to stay with T-Mobile, unfortunately I believe that is your only option for fixing this problem! I guess that the unlocked iPhone does not work good on their network anymore.

              I sold my iPhone 4 on gazelle.com and they gave me $150 for it! & I used that money towards to iPhone 5. I suggest that you should look into doing the same thing! The problem sucks, I know! Been there.
              Wish you luck!