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Roaming onto AT&T


I recently had my Nexus 4 replaced by google due to hardware issues.  Prior to that my phone was able to roam onto the AT&T network automatically and manually.  After receiving the replacement phone I can no longer seem to do that. If I go into the nexus 4 settings and use the Mobile networks settings page to search for Network Operators, AT&T shows up but when I select it it say unable to complete registration try again later or something to that affect.  I had no problems doing it on the previous phone. It is kind of necessary while at home because Tmobile reception is very poor and only can reach AT&T.  I wasn't sure if this is a phone problem, SIM problem or TMOBILE problem since i had replaced the phone but kept the same SIM card.  Also when I used to do the Network operators search with the old phone it would list TMOBILE twice and AT&T once.  The new phone does not do that it just list each once (or just AT&T if there is no TMOBILE signal)I don't know if that helps pinpoint what could be wrong.