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      • 15. Re: Terrible battery life after Jelly Bean update

        My battery life seemed to be pretty good today. Only going to about 80% after most of my work day. Then in the late afternoon I noticed it was down to almost 50%. Sure enough, GPS had been on for the past 2 hours again. I just rebooted my phone and now my battery history bar shows GPS is off, which it should be because I haven't used any maps or apps that required location today.


        The weird part is, both these times the battery history showed GPS being on, there was no satellite icon on the top which is supposed to show me that GPS is on. Has anybody else noticed this?

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          Yes that is exactly what i have been noticing with the GPS.  It says its turned off in location settings however the power history shows its still on draining the battery.

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            Also seeing GPS on even when not using it and have it turned off.  This Jelly Bean update seems half assed.  Horrible battery life, Navigation not working in 3D mode, apparently the MHL-HDMI not working... ugh.

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              Hm. If multiple users are seeing this glitchy GPS drain on battery, I hope T-Mobile is reading this and looking into it? Would appreciate a response from them.


              Has anybody brought this up with technical support?

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                I have discussed with technical support, but they went through the standard laundry list of steps (like phone reset) to see if it fixed the problem. It didn't.

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                  i dont' get terrible battery life but i've noticed there is indeed a change in it ..

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                    Its not just the one s with reduced battery life with jelly bean, almost every android device running jb has more battery usage than with ics. I no longer have the one s, I have an s3 and Ive noticed more usage than with s3's that run ics but its not terrible, restricting background data is the best thing to improve battery life with jb. Google now is a great feature but it will eat away at the battery but not bad. I just wanted to see some comments on how jb was on the one s. I wonder if the one s will get the upgrade with multi view, which is awesome.

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                      Well I used to have 13-16 hours battery life pre Jellybean and now I'm lucking if I get 7-8 hours post Jellybean. I can't make it thought a day of work without charging, this is just terrible.  I made a call to tmobile today, they ran me thought the motions reseting the phone and such, they said if that doesn't work they will send a new phone.  However, i believe that this a software issue so I don't think getting a new phone will help.  I think I'm going to look into a way reverting my software back to the previous release, im not sure if i can do that though. 

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                        No, u cant go back to the ics software. To help with battery life restrict ur background data. Im not sure but it seems like jelly bean has more background process going on and u can restrict overall background data or each apps background data by going to settings and mobile networks and scroll down past where u can set a data limit and it shows ur apps. Click on the ones u want t restrict and check the restrict background data box.

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                          I thing I have noticed with jb is the number of wake locks.  It is higher than with ics software and naturally that will increase battery use.

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                            I'd like to corroborate this.  I upgraded to 4.1.1 on 4/30.  I immediately began seeing 100% CPU and a huge power drain.  Conditions were mobile data on, about 3 bars of service, and all other services turned off.  I was not running any apps, and the running apps list showed only the usual stuff I've had on for the past 6 months.  It was draining about 1% every 5 minutes at first, so I had to keep it plugged in to survive.  After a while, it seemed to subside a bit, but it was still more than usual.  At 11pm, I left the phone with a 90% charge.  By 6am, the battery was completely dead.  So far, the only thing the Power Usage list shows me using the most power is "Android OS".  It always has a huge percentage, like 45% sometimes, while all others are tiny onesie, twosie percents.  Oddly, they don't all add up anywhere close to 100%, so I have no idea what else is using the power.  Right now, the Power Usage list is Android OS 13%, System Manager Application 4%, Android System 2%, Bookmark widget 1%, K-9 Mail 1%, Messages 1% and Phone idle 3% (total...uh...that's only 25%).


                            This update was a total disaster.  I can't use my phone like this.  I called tech support, and the only option provided was to factory reset it back to 4.0, wiping out my entire app history.  So, if you see this update on your HTC One S, DO NOT INSTALL IT.  You cannot uninstall an OS update.

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                              I have master reset the phone like 4 times. Unfortunately it did not help at all. The only time my phone does not drain battery is when I am in a 2G coverage area. Once in 4G it's game over. The power utilization is double if not more if compared to stock ICS.


                              I am getting a replacement today. I hope it has ICS on it. I will NOT upgrade to JB. The only thing I will be missing from the latter is the excellent behavior of Wi-Fi calling, as it blows with ICS.


                              Too bad T-Mobile. They had the JB in beta testing from over 4 months and decided to push it out with the battery drainage issue. Shame on their QA department.

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                                ozamora, thanks for the additional info.  Fortunately for me, I decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 to replace it and I'm handing the HTC One S to my son as a Wi-Fi only tablet (no phone use).  So, hopefully, without mobile phone/data, this won't crop up again on that device?!? Hoping.

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                                  I too noticed that my battery life was destroyed after the Jelly Bean update. With little use I could get my HTC One S to last 3 days on 4.0.4 with WiFi enabled contiously while at home, on 4.1.1 I was lucky to get 16 hours before the phone is completely dead.


                                  On the advice of HTC support I hard reset my phone but that did nothing. What I have found is that the problem is entirely caused by WiFi Calling. When WiFi-Calling is enabled, for some inexplicable reason, the Settings->Power->Usage tool shows the IPService using the GPS continuously, even if the rest of the phones settings would indicate that the GPS is off. Even turning on Airplane mode doesn't shut off the GPS drain once it starts. Using the new Settings->Power->History feature you can see the GPS is using power. I have also seen Android OS recording lots of CPU while WiFi Calling is enabled, but that is not as consistent as the IPService using GPS.


                                  If you turn-off WiFi Calling and restart your phone, battery life normality will restored. It is a shame that I have to turn-off WiFi Calling as Cell signal strength at my home is lousy,


                                  If T-Mobile wants them, I have taken a number of screenshots that show the usage.

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                                    For me, the gps thing seems to go away on a reboot, but comes back if I move from a WiFi connection to cellular coverage, or vice versa. Right now, however, the Android System process is at 30% on the Usage screen, where that used to always sit in the single digits - this is without much use of the phone at the moment.

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